Pregnancy Memory


Hmmmmm I’m not really too good at this whole pregnancy memory thing. I’m feeling MUCH better. Just like a small pinching type cramp on my right side but the nurse said that’s “normal”. WOW ME NORMAL?!?!? Wow that’s the first time my body has done something normal in a long time lol At this point I cry a lot. I’ve always been a big crier but this is getting out of hand. 

I realized just yesterday that I went from looking at wedding dresses to looking at baby strollers in a matter of about 24 hours. I kinda had to sit back and go WOW really?!? So yeah I guess that’s a memory. The realization that we wont be married by the time the baby gets here. I never pictured life like that.  But hey we all adapt and change , right?


8 weeks 3 days

Baby1 dresses

Sleep sleep sleep


So pretty much that’s the current story of my life. All I do is sleep. I’m starting to wonder how something so small can make someone so tired. I honestly believe that I’m asleep more hours  than I’m awake. I have no energy. I am now starting to understand the pregnant women who look like utter hell on a semi daily basis. It’s become a chore to even put on normal clothes and by normal clothes I mean anything that doesn’t involve sweat pants and  a tank top. Even putting a bra on is a challenge. Aside from the fact that my boobs hurt it’s just the act of having to raise my arms and move too much to hook the damn thing. Who knew creating new life would be so exhausting and I’m not even part way through it yet. I keep reading that you get your energy back in the 2nd trimester. Gosh I hope that’s true!  I will sleep on a train, in car hell I might even sleep on a bar. Who knows at this point. Hell I almost slept through a funeral day before yesterday. Talk about embarrassing!   My many trips to the bathroom have gone down. Now that I’ve typed that they will start up again. I know how to jinx myself. lol

No Sleep for the pregnant lady:

This horrible woman got on the train with her horribly loud nieces and nephews. They saw me sitting alone with my blankie over my head trying to sleep. I sat in the last train on purpose because most people don’t want to walk that far down. So LITERALLY the rest of the train was empty. So what the hell does she do? She sits down next to me with these loud ass children. I’m still a firm believer in child free zones. I know no one will be paying to listen to my kid scream. If I see someone sleeping even now I will make sure I am quiet around them because the last thing I want to be is a rude person. I wish others were like that. SO instead of getting some much needed sleep here I sit blogging on the train. Enough of me complaining I’m off to spend a nice lazy day with the Mr.


7 weeks 7days

Epic Meltdown

Ok so we all know pregnant women have “interesting” hormones. Yeah lets call them that. Eh who am I kidding we have bat shit crazy hormones. There I said it. YES I admit it.
Picture it…..California ….2013…..Yeah I went all Sofia from Golden Girls on ya for a second. So anyway. I was in the 99 Cent Only Store looking for eggs. I don’t normally eat a lot of eggs but I wanted to bake something so I needed some. I was walking by their refrigerator section and I saw it…. I SAW UDI’S GLUTEN FREE BREAD FOR 99 CENTS!! Right there looking at me. Now you must understand that I pay $5.49 or MORE per loaf of bread. So I about shit myself when I saw it for 99 cents.  There I stood CRYING in the middle of the store with people just looking at me like I’m a whack job. lol OY!!! One lady actually asked me if I was ok. I said yeah I’m just pregnant. She just smiled and said oh sweetie I understand lol
imagesCAPF96PZ UDI
7 weeks 5 days

Paula Deen, Are you there girlfriend?

I guess before I start I should give everyone a lil background about myself. I’m a part time model (and I use that term loosely). I work with a number of companies as a contract worker. One company in particular I’ve worked for since 2001. I love them but sometimes it’s just hard.
I am being punished for something that I took part in 6 or 7 YEARS ago. NOTHING illegal or anything like that just a bad judgment call. That’s all I can really say about it without losing my job and right now with a new baby coming I REALLY need it.
I have a whole new respect and understanding for Ms. Paula Deen. Being judged on something you did or said years ago sucks ass. Some of the things that many of us did years ago don’t reflect the people we are today.
We all did crazy shit in our 20s. If you didn’t either you’re lying to yourself or you didn’t REALLY live your 20s. I don’t think we should be forever judged or defined by the things we did back then. Look at Monica Lewinsky. I think it’s horrible that she will forever be known as the BJ queen due to her relationship with former president Bill Clinton. We all grow and move on, or at least we should be able to. I think it’s more of WE grow and move on but those people around us sometimes can’t.

7 weeks 2 days

Hormonal Rage ...Inza style

My family is in town and not the side of the family I really care to be around. They don't know I'm pregnant. However they DO know I have to eat Gluten Free. So of course they pick a place to eat that has NO gluten free food. Mind you they didn't tell me where we were going before hand. So I sit and watch everyone else eat. We go back to their hotel and I find some vending machines. I wanted sweet tarts (random I know lol). I put my dollar in the machine and pushed F0 and NOTHING HAPPENED! So I started to scream kick and punch the machine.Needless to say I got my darn candy and that machine learned a lesson. NEVER stand between a pregnant woman and candy. 

7 weeks 



So here I sit in Starbucks blogging. Drinking a decaf frap. Who knew they even made those!?!? I guess it’s all kind of hitting me now. The man that I love and I are having a baby. I’m 33 years old. With my health issues and years of trying to get pregnant again this is truly a blessing. A blessing I never thought I’d have. I tried for a good 10 years to get pregnant again. Nothing seemed to work. It always ended in heart break.

I have been praying all day everyday since I found out. Praying for a healthy baby, praying for a healthy me , praying for well everything and everyone. Praying for my boyfriend. He has had too much heartache when it comes to having children. I feel lucky. I feel blessed. I’ll feel even better after my first doctors appointment. My Dr. doesn’t see women until their 10th week. So the waiting is killing both of us. I just want to know everything is ok. My appointment is August 12. I was going to wait to start this blog but thought eh, why? If everything isn’t ok (I pray that it is) I can share my story with other women who may be going through the same thing. If everything is ok well….. you get to take this wild ride with me.

The tough part is I start the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in September. We shall see how I deal with food and pregnancy. Oh Joy….maybe.

Ok enough of me babbling. I have to get out of here. The smell of coffee is starting to make me ill. Something I never thought I’d say. smdh


6 weeks 6 days (233 more days to go)


Pregnancy Memory of sorts!

Oh I guess I have another "memory" some morons just got on the train with a huge thing of food and felt the need to sit across from me and eat it. I STILL think I may ralph. If I do THAT will be a real memory. HA!  Inza 5 weeks 6 days

With friends like mine who needs enemies?

So I tell my oh so wonderful boy bestie about the tiny human growing in my uterus and he says "I wouldn't tell anyone for awhile because something could happen." DUH dunbass !!! For all of you out there that have pregnant friends THIS is in no way shape or form the appropriate thing to say at ANY point. Use your head you know that thing three feet above your ass. Most if not all pregnant women who want their babies are afraid something is going to happen. WHY do people feel the need to tell us that something may happen? We know that!! You don't have to remind us. How about being a supportive friend and saying oh geez I don't know CONGRATULATIONS?!?! It's really not that hard to do. Keep your negativity out of my uterus. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I may not talk to this person again til after this kid gets out of college and makes me a grandma. Pfft!   Inza 5 weeks 3 days qgvtAoqLc7nupZwLlz0iaUtv274w0b4w_lg


After days of denial I finally took my HPT and guess came back POSITIVE!!  I was beyond shocked. That is something I had given up on ever seeing. My initial reaction was "no shit?!!?". Of course like most women one test just wasn't enough for me. I went to Planned Parenthood and they gave me another test and another positive. Being the doubting Thomas that I am I went to yet another pregnancy center and got a 3rd test and again we have a BFP! You see a pattern here don't right?

I hopped on and started looking around. I joined the March 2014 birth club. These are some cool chicks. I also downloaded the baby center app. The app told me I should write down a pregnancy memory. Hmmmmm I now get car sick. That counts right? lol Instead of writing down memories or what have you I'm just going to journal my way through this process. Lets see how this works out.

So yeah I'M PREGNANT!  Welcome to my journey into motherhood AFTER 30.


5 week and 2 days