Epic Meltdown

Ok so we all know pregnant women have “interesting” hormones. Yeah lets call them that. Eh who am I kidding we have bat shit crazy hormones. There I said it. YES I admit it.
Picture it…..California ….2013…..Yeah I went all Sofia from Golden Girls on ya for a second. So anyway. I was in the 99 Cent Only Store looking for eggs. I don’t normally eat a lot of eggs but I wanted to bake something so I needed some. I was walking by their refrigerator section and I saw it…. I SAW UDI’S GLUTEN FREE BREAD FOR 99 CENTS!! Right there looking at me. Now you must understand that I pay $5.49 or MORE per loaf of bread. So I about shit myself when I saw it for 99 cents.  There I stood CRYING in the middle of the store with people just looking at me like I’m a whack job. lol OY!!! One lady actually asked me if I was ok. I said yeah I’m just pregnant. She just smiled and said oh sweetie I understand lol
imagesCAPF96PZ UDI
7 weeks 5 days

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