Paula Deen, Are you there girlfriend?

I guess before I start I should give everyone a lil background about myself. I’m a part time model (and I use that term loosely). I work with a number of companies as a contract worker. One company in particular I’ve worked for since 2001. I love them but sometimes it’s just hard.
I am being punished for something that I took part in 6 or 7 YEARS ago. NOTHING illegal or anything like that just a bad judgment call. That’s all I can really say about it without losing my job and right now with a new baby coming I REALLY need it.
I have a whole new respect and understanding for Ms. Paula Deen. Being judged on something you did or said years ago sucks ass. Some of the things that many of us did years ago don’t reflect the people we are today.
We all did crazy shit in our 20s. If you didn’t either you’re lying to yourself or you didn’t REALLY live your 20s. I don’t think we should be forever judged or defined by the things we did back then. Look at Monica Lewinsky. I think it’s horrible that she will forever be known as the BJ queen due to her relationship with former president Bill Clinton. We all grow and move on, or at least we should be able to. I think it’s more of WE grow and move on but those people around us sometimes can’t.

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