After days of denial I finally took my HPT and guess came back POSITIVE!!  I was beyond shocked. That is something I had given up on ever seeing. My initial reaction was "no shit?!!?". Of course like most women one test just wasn't enough for me. I went to Planned Parenthood and they gave me another test and another positive. Being the doubting Thomas that I am I went to yet another pregnancy center and got a 3rd test and again we have a BFP! You see a pattern here don't right?

I hopped on and started looking around. I joined the March 2014 birth club. These are some cool chicks. I also downloaded the baby center app. The app told me I should write down a pregnancy memory. Hmmmmm I now get car sick. That counts right? lol Instead of writing down memories or what have you I'm just going to journal my way through this process. Lets see how this works out.

So yeah I'M PREGNANT!  Welcome to my journey into motherhood AFTER 30.


5 week and 2 days

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