Sleep sleep sleep


So pretty much that’s the current story of my life. All I do is sleep. I’m starting to wonder how something so small can make someone so tired. I honestly believe that I’m asleep more hours  than I’m awake. I have no energy. I am now starting to understand the pregnant women who look like utter hell on a semi daily basis. It’s become a chore to even put on normal clothes and by normal clothes I mean anything that doesn’t involve sweat pants and  a tank top. Even putting a bra on is a challenge. Aside from the fact that my boobs hurt it’s just the act of having to raise my arms and move too much to hook the damn thing. Who knew creating new life would be so exhausting and I’m not even part way through it yet. I keep reading that you get your energy back in the 2nd trimester. Gosh I hope that’s true!  I will sleep on a train, in car hell I might even sleep on a bar. Who knows at this point. Hell I almost slept through a funeral day before yesterday. Talk about embarrassing!   My many trips to the bathroom have gone down. Now that I’ve typed that they will start up again. I know how to jinx myself. lol

No Sleep for the pregnant lady:

This horrible woman got on the train with her horribly loud nieces and nephews. They saw me sitting alone with my blankie over my head trying to sleep. I sat in the last train on purpose because most people don’t want to walk that far down. So LITERALLY the rest of the train was empty. So what the hell does she do? She sits down next to me with these loud ass children. I’m still a firm believer in child free zones. I know no one will be paying to listen to my kid scream. If I see someone sleeping even now I will make sure I am quiet around them because the last thing I want to be is a rude person. I wish others were like that. SO instead of getting some much needed sleep here I sit blogging on the train. Enough of me complaining I’m off to spend a nice lazy day with the Mr.


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