Pregnancy Memory


Hmmmmm I’m not really too good at this whole pregnancy memory thing. I’m feeling MUCH better. Just like a small pinching type cramp on my right side but the nurse said that’s “normal”. WOW ME NORMAL?!?!? Wow that’s the first time my body has done something normal in a long time lol At this point I cry a lot. I’ve always been a big crier but this is getting out of hand. 

I realized just yesterday that I went from looking at wedding dresses to looking at baby strollers in a matter of about 24 hours. I kinda had to sit back and go WOW really?!? So yeah I guess that’s a memory. The realization that we wont be married by the time the baby gets here. I never pictured life like that.  But hey we all adapt and change , right?


8 weeks 3 days

Baby1 dresses

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