Test driving strollers!

 As a woman I pretty much already know what strollers I want for the baby.`We went to Nomi Kids in Los Angeles ( http://nomikids.com/ ). I am a huge lover of the Orbit G2 Stroller , The Bugaboo and the Origami by 4moms.  The Mr. had no idea what I was talking about until I forced him to go into the store.
We get in there and I start talking to the sales girl. Poor Damon thought we were speaking another language. So after we slowed down and started playing with the strollers and showing him what all they did and didn't do. He was quite impressed. He went from $800 for a stroller!?!??!? To I really like the Origami because it auto folds. So that is currently his pick. I still like the Orbit due to the fact it swivels on the base. With my bad back it is just easier to have the Orbit.

I've picked out some of the better videos related to my favorite strollers. Enjoy :)

Orbit G2: 



 8 weeks 4 days

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