9 Weeks!


WOW today I am officially 9 weeks. It kind of blows my mind. I’m still overly tired and hungry at odd times but besides that I’m feeling like myself. I’m sitting on the train heading to Los Angeles to see the Mr. I think he’s really starting to not only get used to the idea of us having a baby but it truly happy about it. Yesterday he kept touching and talking to my belly. Right now I find it adorable I’m sure in 31 weeks I’ll find it annoying but eh who knows lol. I find myself sitting around and thanking God multiple times a day for this blessing. I also find myself begging him to please let everything be ok. Every pregnant woman does this, right? If not I still do! I think I will be a little bit less whack-a-do about everything after the 12th when I have my first official appointment or at least I hope I will. Knowing me seeing a healthy heart beat will make me cry like a baby and become even more obsessed with protecting my baby. The Mr. says that’s a good thing. I’m still on the fence. I’m still waiting to start school. I should be starting the last week of September. The idea of cooking everyday is kinda “icky” but I’m going to get through this like a champ. I have faith in my ability and my body to be able to deal with everything the culinary world throws at me or it. I got this!

All the girls in my birthing and breastfeeding groups are already talking about birth plans and stuff. I’m allergic to pain meds so this could make my birthing plan a bit different than everyone else’s. I studied Reiki healing in college and think maybe that’s the way I want to go. Unless they can just knock me out and I can wake up with a healthy baby in my arms. You know…like the old days. Do have a midwife or not to have a midwife? To have a Doula or not to have a Doula?  Holistic or traditional? Breastfeed directly from the breast or pump? OY so much to think about!!! Thankfully I have 31 weeks to figure it all out. I’m a big planner so I’m sure I’ll have everything I want planned out by 24 weeks and then see what the baby has in mind. You can plan all you want but babies have a way of doing exactly what THEY want. I’m sure mine will be no exception. If he/she is anything like me I’m in heap loads of trouble. Mini Inza….Get ready world!!!


9 weeks.

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