Bad doctor’s appointment!!


I couldn’t even write about this yesterday because I was so upset. I wanted this lovely wonderful story about my first prenatal visit and all I have is a crying tale of pain. Now I’ve been having pap smears every year since I was 16 years old. Two of these occurred while I was pregnant previous times. They have never been painful or anything like that.

We arrived at my appointment about 45 minutes early. The office was closed for lunch. So we sat outside and waited. At 1:50 the doors opened and we walked in. I was handed paper work to fill out. Pretty standard stuff. I’m then told I need to provide a urine sample. Ok fine. I’d been holding it for the last 45 minutes so I was more than happy to “go”. The girl at the desk tells me to “write your name on the cup”. Hmmm ok fine whatever. I walk into the bathroom and there are DIXIE cups. YES Dixie cups like the ones you buy at Target. I should have left then. Instead I walked out and said I don’t see any urine cups just drinking cups. I was informed those WERE the urine cups. AGAIN I should have left. I didn’t. I write my name on the damn cup and peed in it.

I was then sent into an exam room and told to undress. I did so and put this ugly pink gown on. The doctor comes in and starts asking me questions. I’m not quite sure he even introduced himself fully.  I was answering his questions as best I could. He got to the part where they ask about family medical history. I told him I didn’t have one due to having been adopted and it being a closed adoption. He kind of rolled his eyes and kept asking me family medical questions. I again told him I had NO family medical history. He signs and moves on. He motions to the stir-ups so I put my feet in them. He says move down to the end of the table. I did so. he says “more”. I moved down more. Then comes the most painful pap smear and pelvic exam I’ve had to date.  Like I said I’ve had a pap smear yearly from 16 –33 and I have never had someone use this hard JABBING motion with the swab. When pressing on my abdomen he pressed hard on my right side. When he got to my left side he put all his weight on me while pushing. I’m shocked there isn’t a bruise. He then takes his gloves off and walks out saying “my office”. I sat for a second kinda going over in my head wtf just happened. I was in a lot of pain. So I got dressed and walked out into the hallway. I stood there for a minute having no one say anything to me. Then I see the doctor standing in a door way. He says “my office”. So I walked down the hallway into his office. I sit down. He tells me since I don’t know when I got pregnant he thinks my new due date is March 17th BUT not to get too attached to that date because it may change after my ultrasound. I said ok. He said “that’s all you can go”. So I got up and went out to the front desk. The nice girl at the front desk took me into her office to explain a few things and give me my paper work for my lab work. At least she was nice, right? I was told “He wants to see you in 2 weeks.” I said ok. The lady at the desk says bye see you then. They didn’t give me an actual appointment or anything. So I leave.  I’ll save my vampire blood draw for my next post.



No idea how many weeks I am at this point.

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