Baby Shower

I have been thinking about my baby shower. When to have it? Where to have it? How much it should cost. Party favors? You name it. SO much to think about. My BFF Amy wants to plan and host it which I think is so sweet. I’ve been all over Pinterest looking for ideas. It’s kinda over whelming. I feel lucky that so many of my friends are talented and are willing to make me party favors and giveaways for the shower so that’s pretty freakin’ cool.
I’m also trying to figure out when is too early to start planning. UGH so much to think about. Are themed baby showers popular? I mean like besides the theme of HEY YOU’RE HAVING A BABY!! Like should the theme be gender related (IE. Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse)? Should it be a co-ed shower? How many people is too many? Ok now I’m stressed. I’m going to drink a nice big bottle of water and surf Pinterest some more lol

mommy-to-be 1157611_357931237643131_1112576700_n babyshower1 babyshower2 ducky ducky-baby-shower

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