Vampire Blood Draw


After the bad doctor visit I went to the lab for lab work. I’m assuming yesterday was the phlebotomist’s first day on the job. I’ve had a number of blood draws in my life starting at 2 years old and I have never had anyone have an issue getting blood from my veins. The FIRST thing this girl said was “wow how do they normally get blood from you?” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa WHAT!??!!? I’ve never had anyone say that to me. I should have left then. I asked did they have a butterfly needle. They told me know. AGAIN I should have just left but I didn’t.  She ties my right arm and starts the brutal process. She took 5 vials that took like 20 minutes. Which for me is unheard of.  I turned my head so I wouldn’t have to see what she was doing.  She was moving the needle when she’d change the vial. When she’d move the needle it would hurt sooooooooooooooooo bad.  She’d ask if I was “really in pain” no ass face I always cry for kicks. She asked me if I wanted her to take the needle out. I said no because then you’d have to put it BACK in and I sure don’t want that. 20 minutes later she finishes. I go to the bathroom to give a urine sample and just cry. I am doing all this because I want nothing more in life than for our baby THIS baby to be born healthy. I sat and cried in the waiting room with Damon , then we left. We went to the mall to look at baby stuff to make me feel better.  Then we went and saw “We’re the Millers” . It was hilarious!! You haven’t laughed until you’ve heard Jennifer Aniston scream BIG BLACK COCK and BLACK COCK DOWN!! So the Mr. made the day much better. I’m very lucky. Pissed but lucky.

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