Thank you Pink Zebra


This whole hormone thing kinda jacks you up. My sense of smell is CRAZY. Things I used to love the smell of now I can’t stand and make me sick. Things I hated the smell of I love now. My good friend Laura told me to get lemon oil and smell that when I got nauseous. It worked on the go. I love Pink Zebra and Scentsy. So I broke out all my PZ and all my Scentsy to see if I could find something not yack worthy. At this point it isn’t easy lol. I thought since most of the scent I have are food related I knew most of them would not work for me since my issue was food smells, BOY WAS I WRONG!! I found a sample of “Moms Lemon Bars”. It’s more of a sweet lemon smell. I put this one in my kitchen. I cook daily and this has been helping me not get nauseous. Which is a win for me lol I think I am going to have to check into the rest of their citrus sprinkles to see if anything else works for me. I don’t REALLY need the whole house smelling like sweet lemon lol. So right now I have lemon oil in my purse and Pink Zebra in my kitchen. I did use my Scentsy plug in wall warmer since I don’t have a PZ warmer. I may need to invest in one now tho.

The Pineapple Delight looks like it might be good too.    Fruit seems to agree with me slightly. We shall see. 



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