Oh Mylie!

I’m sure by now everyone has seen or heard about the whole Mylie Cyrus VMA performance. I may be in the minority but I thought she did what she set out to do. People are STILL talking about it. When’s the last time you actually heard something about a Mylie song or something? It’s been awhile. Now all you see on TV and the internet is Mylie Mylie Mylie. THAT was the goal. The goal public relations wise was to get her and her name back out there and she did it in a BIG way.

I also love all these people who are saying horrible things about Mylie but were doing a lot more than “twerking” in their 20s. Oh how soon we forget where we were at 20 lol. I fully admit I lived and loved my 20s.  I wasn’t too crazy but I did have fun. Sometimes I drank too much, sometimes I stayed out too late, sometimes I ended up on YouTube lol. The only difference between what others were doing at 20 and what Mylie is doing is we all didn’t have to do it in the public eye.

Allow me to point out….

1. In Robin Thicke’s video originally the ladies were topless. In the re-done video the ladies had on flesh colored bras and panties.

2. In Robin Thicke’s new video there is a foam finger and sexy dancing.

SO…..pretty much Mylie was just reenacting Robin’s Thicke’s videos.

Remember when you point the finger at someone there are 3 fingers pointing back at you. 



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