Don't be a dick

KC and I go to indoor play places a couple times a week. Thankfully we've never had any real problems with other kids or other parents. *knock on wood* Since KC is non verbal she can't just come and tell me if someone does something to her. That means I am always with her or at least close behind when she's playing. The story below happened at one of our favorite play places called Kangamoo.  Watch the video and let me know how YOU would have reacted.

For those who didn't get a chance to watch the video here's a run down. A little boy was pushing one of the Little Tikes cars around the track in the play area. The cars are supposed to be in the play area so he wasn't doing anything he wasn't supposed to do. The little boy was coming around the corner and the father of another child saw the little boy coming around the corner and KICKED the Little Tikes car into the little boys FACE. That's right into his face. The little boy had a bloody and swollen nose. The police were called and said nothing could be done. Yup the cops refused to do anything. Had I hit my OWN child like that I would have had CPS called on me but do it to someone else's child and it's some how ok and totally legal.

Had this been KC this would have been a totally different type of news story. I may not act or look like I grew up in the ghetto but I totally did and it can still come out of me when someone messes with my off spring. That man would have been on his way to the hospital had he harmed my kid. The mom was way too calm. They would have had video of me being carried off by the police with a handful of that dude's junk. It's so NOT ok to harm a child. If he thought the little boy was going going to run him or his child over he should have just moved himself and his child out of the way. It's not hard. I've done it zillions of times.

When did adults stop acting like adults? Why would any adult think it's ok to harm a child? Why not just act your age and move out of the way or tell a staff member that a child is doing something you think he/she shouldn't be? I just don't understand it. All I know is that man is lucky that he did that to a child with a very calm mother and not someone like me.

Eat Well Be Well VoxBox!

I always love when I get a new free VoxBox in the mail. This one was especially exciting since it was filled with items that both KC and I could use and eat. KC has so many food allergies that it's hard to find pre made foods that are safe for her. This box came with three of our favorite brands Udis, Glutino and Earth Balance. It also came with a coupon for a free Evol meal. We had never tried Evol meals but after trying the gluten free  bacon mac and cheese we have added a new favorite brand to our household. With our Udi's coupon we got KC's favorite bread the White Sandwich Bread. We used our Earth's Balance soy free dairy free "butter" coupled with our Daiya Vegan cheese to make KC her grilled cheese sandwich. KC of course took her mini bag of Glutino pretzels with her to the park. They're her normal park snack anyway. I wish I could find those little bags like they sent us. They are the perfect toddler size packs.  We were already  customers of most of the brands  and we love them. We were very excited to discover a new brand to add to our kitchen.

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Supreme Play Fruits Pretend Play Toy Food Playset w/ Assorted Toy Fruits REVIEW!

My daughter is a huge fan of pretend play. She has 3 play kitchens and I'm always looking for things to add to them. When we got this fruit play set I was sort of worried since the fruit pieces are larger than the ones she already had. Much to my surprise she loved these MORE. They seem to fit better in her hand and she does so much more with them. She makes me "eat" each and every piece of fruit. It's actually quite cute and not the least bit annoying. That's what moms say, right? lol  These are made form high quality plastic. They're "soft" but not too soft. Overall these are the best fruit sets we've had.

*We were gifted these for free but that does not effect my 100% honest review*

Here's what the company has to say about their product: 

  • Supreme Play Fruits Pretend Play Toy Food Playset w/ Assorted Toy Fruits
  • Comes w/ a Variety of Toy Fruits
  • Perfect for Role Playing and Pretend Play
  • Great Add On to Playsets
  • Comes in a Convenient Bag for Storage and Transport

Tiny Human Tea Party!

I'm always on the look out for fun things to do with my tiny human. So when I saw that the local dance studio was having a tea party for tiny tots I jumped right on it.  It was a tutu party but I chose to wear our matching Old Navy dresses instead. We arrived at the dance studio shortly after the tea started (of course we're always a bit late lol) we were greeted by the studio owner and invited inside. The setting was beautiful. They had a beautiful ballerina in full tutu and pointe shoes. They had cute pastries made with essential oils like lavender. Many of the items were allergy friendly which is always a plus. The kids ran and danced for about an hour. They even had a little doggy in a tutu which of course Kennady fell in love with. They had many different teas all infused with Doterra essential oils. It was all quite lovely. 

For the price ( $20 )  I can't say I'd for sure do it again. It was less tea party and more DoTerra sales pitch. Thankfully I already like the oils so it was fine with me but I could have hosted a home party for free and got the same samples and information. Kennady liked playing with the other girls and LOVED the dog but for me it wasn't a $20 event. As a single mom I try to make sure the paid events that we do are worth it.  This one I didn't mind paying for but chances are we wont do it again. It was fun for both Kennay and I but we'd have had more fun for a longer amount of time at one of our many indoor play places for a cheaper price. The studio was lovely and the staff was beyond nice. 

Valentine's Picnic

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be invited and go to a mommy and me Valentine's picnic. There were around 40 mommies there with their kids. It was a lot fun getting to meet so many different types of moms. I didn't feel out of place like the "older mom". In one of the other groups I'm in I'm normally the oldest and the least whiny. I feel blessed to have an amazing family and to be healthy. I know not everyone has that but I also don't think interactive play groups are really the place for women to stand in the corner bitching about their lives when they are supposed to be having interactive educational play with their children. That stuff should be reserved for moms nights out or something along those lines. A time when the kids aren't there to have to listen to the complaints. There are also women in our group who like to beg for freebies and handouts. As a single mom I totally understand about financial issues BUT I don't sit around complaining about them. I typically boot my laptop and try to figure shit out. I prefer to focus on KC during mommy and me outings. 

With KC having some delays I sometimes feel out of place in other mom groups. With this group of ladies I felt OK even being the new girl. Of course it was still kind of awkward when we got there but the host of the event came running up me to and introduced herself and her mom. Kennady ran and played on the playground and even made a little friend. After the kids played and everyone ate we moved to the grass to exchange Valentine's cards/gifts. I spread out our blanket and KC and I took a seat. All the moms and kiddos walked around delivering Valentines to each person. Then came our turn. Well my tiny princess wanted to stay with her ever growing bag of Valentines. So I let her. Which is a huge deal for me. I'm not normally more than a few inches from KC at any given time. I walked around and delivered our Valentines all while looking over my shoulder making sure KC was still there and guess what .....SHE WAS!!! She sat there with her bag collecting her Valentines. By the time I was done she had pulled out a sucker and was waiting for me to open it for her. I opened a DumDum pop which is allergy friendly. She put on her adorable sunglasses and ate her sucker. She was in tiny human happiness and I was in mommy happiness. I'm awkward around people even ones that I know. Today I felt way less awkward and for me that's huge. 

They're also having a St. Patrick's Day picnic where everyone has to bring their favorite dish. I've already started to research Irish dishes. yes I'm a dork ...but I'm a happy dork with a happy kiddo.

KCs Valentines ready to be passed out! 

Holy Crap I'm a Park Mom!!

So I've never REALLY been that mom who likes going to the park. Around here we have some awesome parks filled with some not so awesome children. Now I'm not saying people need to hover over their kids while they are at the park but at LEAST keep an eye on them. It's not even the younger kids that I have issues with (tho some of them don't know how to act) it's the older kids who come to the park acting a fool and running over the smaller kids. So we stuck to going to the park early in the morning or not at all. I was talking to my neighbor and he mentioned he found a great park not too far from our community. So I figured if he liked it then I should totally check it out. Holy smokes I'm so mad I didn't check it out sooner. It's totally a toddler and little kid park. All the equipment is lower to the ground so there really isn't much for older kids to play on thus keeping them away. There's even a small splash pad. The best part? It's fully fenced in. Most of our public parks are all open with no full fence and gate around them. This park (that shall remain nameless lol) also has a large grassy field area and a bunch of different walking and riding paths. ALL within the confines of the gates!  The parents and nannies I have met so far are super nice and the kids are lovely. We've been back almost everyday since we found it. KC loves playing and running. I love that I don't have to worry about her getting run over by some sullen teenager who isn't paying attention or just doesn't care. I even met a fellow speech delay mom. We talked about different speech therapies and what preschools had the best speech programs.I feel comfortable allowing my daughter to play and not having to be 2 inches from her at all times. Granted I'm still an attachment parent so I'm not far behind BUT at this park I am OK with letting her explore a bit more.  It's been really nice.  So yeah I am officially a proud park mom!  :)