Red Beans and Rice

I'm always trying to find new simple recipes for Kennady. This one was super simple. With all of Kennady's allergies I try to keep the ingredients to a minimum. I don't add more than one new thing at a time just in case she has an allergic reaction. I can easily pin point what the new item in her diet is. So here goes....

1 cup of uncooked white rice
1/2 pound of small red beans
1/2 package of ham chunks

I put the red beans into the crock pot with a carton of gluten free vegan vegetable broth , ham chunks and salt. Allowed it to cook on low for 6 hours until the beans were nice and soft.
 Prepare rice as directed (

Scoop rice into a bowl and top with red bean and ham.

SEE super super simple. You can add any seasonings that you'd like to either the rice or the beans. I stick to simple for Kennady. She LOVED this. She opted to not use her spoon and just dive right in with her hands. We're still working on table manners.


Alley and Joe baby mirror review

Kennady is still rear facing and will continue to be until she out grows the rear facing limits on all of her seats. Having a mirror for many moms is a life saver and gives them peace of mind. This mirror is made from high quality hard plastic. The mirror itself is wide and slightly curved for maximum viewing of your child. It's super easy to install. It has 4 straps and clips. It secures directly to the head rest of your back seat. It's a bit large and too hard for me to use in the car. If there was an accident the mirror could become a projectile and hurt either the baby or someone else in the car ( )  I have however found many different uses for the mirror that my daughter loves. I had to put a baby gate around the TV in her play room. I attached the mirror to the gate and she loves going up and looking at herself. She kisses the mirror and everything. The mirror easily wipes clean with a baby wipe or wash cloth. Overall I like this mirror. There are so many different uses for it.

Here's what the manufacturer has to say about the product:
Look forward to stress-free car journeys with the Ally & Joe baby car mirror.

Designed for use with rear-facing infant car seats, the mirror allows you to keep a watchful eye on baby without taking your eye off the road.  Your baby also remains reassured that you're there because he/she can see you too!

The exceptionally clear, premium quality convex mirror is lightweight and shatterproof.  There's no blurring or distortion and the large size provides a wide viewing angle for total peace of mind.

The baby mirror is made using high quality, baby-safe materials.  Dual straps give maximum mounting stability to ensure that the mirror stays firmly put when going over bumps and around bends.  It can be mounted horizontally or vertically to get the best view.

The Ally & Joe baby car mirror is quick and easy to mount.  No fancy tools or specialist expertize are required (although we do recommend asking a helper to assist in finding the perfect angle before first use).  After that, you're set!  No center headrest required.

Ally & Joe are committed to bringing you great quality products that you'll love and would be happy to recommend to your friends and family.  All products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and you'll find that our customer service is the best around.

Pacifier Clips REVIEW!

My daughter has gotten into that throwing stage. She's not a big pacifier baby so I tested these on her toys and teethers.  She does have a Wubbanub but she mainly chews on his feet. First off you get 3 in a package which as any mom knows is a great thing. Most of us have to had to replace things our kids have lost on more than one occasion so getting three at once gives you a leg up. Unlike the standard plastic pacifier clips these are made from durable metal. The clasps are easy to open. I was actually able to open them with one hand which is a plus since my daughter loves being held. In my personal experience the "teeth" on the inside of the clasp are soft enough to where they wont rip the fabric of your child's clothing , stroller or car seat. The clips are made with a high quality cotton material that easily wipes down with a baby wipe. They are also easy to install. I use the term "install" very loosely. These really are simple to use even for the most clumsy mommy and baby pair. You simply loop the white lace through the hole on the pacifier or around the toy and loop it back through itself and POOF you're done!! It's just that simple, honest.  I think these are a must for any mom who has a little one who likes to toss things or for the infant who can't hold his/her own pacifier just yet.


* I received this product in exchange for my honest review*

Inza's Mommy Must Haves Part:1

Kennady is 16 month old now. With all the new baby stuff that wasn't around years ago I had to find my way through all the frilly fun products and find out what I REALLY needed. Granted I have purchased or been gifted almost everything on the market so lets narrow everything down shall we?

1. A good quality safe care seat. DO NOT BUY USED! There are many places you can be cheap when raising kids their safety seats should NEVER be one of them. This means DO NOT BUY USED! DO check expiration dates. Yes car seats do expire. All current car seats pass the same safety standards. The prices differ depending all the bells and whistles. You also need to find a seat that works not only with your baby but with your car.  Kennady's first car seat was a Graco Snugride Classic connect. We have since purchased more/different seats.  Her convertible seats are the Graco 4ever seat and the Diono Radian RXT. They have high rear facing limits as well as forward facing limits. Both of these seats can also be used as booster seats as Kennady gets older. There are safe seats in all sorts of price ranges. Many hospitals will provide seats free of charge to families that can't afford them. The website Car Seats for the Littles is an amazing source of correct information.

 2. A safe place for your baby to sleep. No brainer, right? You'd be surprised. I picked a Rock-n-sleep by Fisher Price. They fold up pretty flat and are easy to travel with if you're going by car. We also have a couple of Graco play yards that could also be used for sleeping. I didn't use them for travel because they were a bit bulky.

3. Good quality diaper bag. Chances are you're going to end up using your diaper bag as not only a place to keep baby's things but a place to keep your things as well. It's just easier to carry one bag. I have a few diaper bags. Actually I have a few too many diaper bags. I've tried everything from the bag the hospital gave me to Coach to Ju-Ju-Be. I LOVE my Coach diaper bag but it was just too bulky for everyday use. I changed to the Ju-Ju-Be BFF bag and have been very happpy. You can use it as a regular diaper bag or you can attach the backpack straps and wear it in backpack mode. As Kennady has gotten older I have started to carry the Ju-Ju-Be HoBoBe bag. 

4. Diapers and wipes. Now diapers are a hot button issue. Do you want to use disposables or cloth? You may have to try out a few different kinds of diapers to see what works best for your baby. People told me not to buy a lot of newborn diapers but when Kennady was born she was on the smaller side so I needed newborn diapers for like 6 months. Personally I say if you're going to stock up buy a few packages in size NB and even more packages in size 1.  Cloth diaper wise I like the ones with snaps and bamboo inserts. Wipes are along the same lines as diapers. You'll need to test out which wipes work best for your baby. My daughter has allergies so I have to be extra careful.

 5. Onesies , Sleepers and Gowns. I know we all like the idea of dressing our babies in cute little fancy outfits with matching everything but truth be told they are not needed. For the first month get the basics. Something for the baby to sleep in and something to leave the house in. Some might also throw pants in there for the winter but I love chunky little baby legs lol 

SavvyBaby Stroller Organizer REVIEW

I love this organizer. I was lucky enough to be gifted with one for testing purposes but the opinions expressed are 100% my own and guess what..... I LOVE IT!!! Check out the video to find out why..


5 things NOT to say to a single mom

There's just something about being pregnant or having a baby that makes people think they can say whatever they want to you. Here are the top 5 things one should never say to a pregnant woman or maybe people just shouldn't have said to ME.

  5. Isn't it hard? *rolling eyes* Of course it's hard. When parenting is done right it's hard no matter if it's a two parent household or a single parent household. If it's not hard then you're obviously not doing it right.

4. Children need a father as a role model. No actually they don't. Both boys and girls need a strong male role model. That doesn't have to be their father. It's better for them to have a strong positive male role model that is not their biological father than a father who is a horrible non positive emotionally abusive person. Positive actions over negativity any day!

3. I feel so sorry for you. *Blink Blink* Why? I have an amazing , sweet and healthy child who I love more than life. What's to feel sorry about? Ok So I don't have a partner I have to run everything past before I do it. Eh I can live with that.

2. You should start dating. Why?  It hasn't worked out for me in the last 35 years lol I've watched too many Lifetime movies and the nightly news. I see too many freaks and perverts dating single parents and end up touching their kids. It's just not worth the risk especially since Kennady isn't old enough to talk and tell me if something happened.  The only thing I'm trying to do right now is spend time with my family. IF I wanted to date I would want someone who wants to add to my life in a positive way and not take from me. That can be a tall order.

1. If  this hadn't happened you wouldn't have your beautiful child. This one really grates on my nerves. People say it thinking they are showing the bright side. YES Kennady will ALWAYS be the bright spot in my life but that doesn't change the hell and stress I went through with her donor. Just because my daughter is awesome (and she really is) doesn't take away from the fact I was emotionally abused and then abandoned. Then I was further emotionally abused by basically being told that my daughter and myself should have died due to his other family not receiving proper medical care. For me personally being treated in this manner was not only unfair but highly unnecessary. Thankfully it has made me a stronger person and a better more protective mother.


Car Seat Cover Review

I received the most adorable pink chevron print car seat cover from Bonafide Baby. I had a car seat cover for Kennady right after she was born. It was rather thick and I was slightly afraid to use it in the Las Vegas heat. She even seemed to sweat when I used it during the winter. So I stopped using it. This one is a bit thinner but still protective. It's been hitting 115 degrees here and I've used it to shield  my daughter from sun going in and out of places. No Sweating! It is 100% machine washable. Which is always a mom perk.
 On my daughter Bugaboo stroller with Graco Snugride infant car seat.

The cover also came with a great stroller hook. It's kinda like the Mommy hook only smaller and much more padded. I hung my Ju-Ju-Be BeQuick bag off of it and it worked perfectly. 
All in all this is a great great for a new mom (or a not so new mom). 

*I received this product free for review purposes. However the opinions are all my own.* 


All About That Bass Mommy Edition

LMAO I just had to share this. I know many of you moms out there can so identify. Enjoy! This is not my video nor do I have anything to do with the making of this video. I just thought it was a hoot and so very true. 


4th of July

I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July. I have always loved the Independence holiday. I've always been blessed to spend it with good friends, good food and great fireworks. This year was no different. The lady next door came over with plates and plates of food.(so I didn't have to cook). It was wonderful. Kennady had cranberry pork roast , mixed veggies, tofu fries and mango.  I had a hot dog no bun , baked beans , green beans and a burger patty no bun. We ALL ate very well lol Then after the sun went down we went and sat outside and watched the fire works. I love living here we had fire works lighting up the night sky on all 4 sides around our community. I wore my tiny princess just in case the loud booms scared her but she was fine. It was a magical night had by all. They shot off fire works until well after 3am. We went in the house at 9:30 (way past Kennady's 7:30pm bedtime). I sat in my bedroom window and watched them until way too late. It was beautiful and oddly very peaceful. I enjoyed it.


Dunkin' Donuts

To the amazing lady I met in Dunkin' Donuts almost 2 years ago now while I was pregnant. You were a nice lady with a kind face. You asked could you touch my overly round baby bump. Something in your eyes told me that you needed this. You told me your story about trying to conceive for a number of years and I shared my story. I tried my best to put forth a message of hope for you and your journey. I think of you every
time I drive by that DD. I often wonder if you have been able to live your dream of becoming a mother. I've prayed many times for you and your struggles. Being blessed to be a mother has been by far the most amazing thing ever. I do pray they you are able to live your own blessing. There was something about you that stuck in my heart. If you have yet to have your beautiful baby PLEASE do not give up. God has a special plan for you. God used you to remind me how truly blessed I am. 
For that I am thankful.