4th of July

I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July. I have always loved the Independence holiday. I've always been blessed to spend it with good friends, good food and great fireworks. This year was no different. The lady next door came over with plates and plates of food.(so I didn't have to cook). It was wonderful. Kennady had cranberry pork roast , mixed veggies, tofu fries and mango.  I had a hot dog no bun , baked beans , green beans and a burger patty no bun. We ALL ate very well lol Then after the sun went down we went and sat outside and watched the fire works. I love living here we had fire works lighting up the night sky on all 4 sides around our community. I wore my tiny princess just in case the loud booms scared her but she was fine. It was a magical night had by all. They shot off fire works until well after 3am. We went in the house at 9:30 (way past Kennady's 7:30pm bedtime). I sat in my bedroom window and watched them until way too late. It was beautiful and oddly very peaceful. I enjoyed it.


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