Pacifier Clips REVIEW!

My daughter has gotten into that throwing stage. She's not a big pacifier baby so I tested these on her toys and teethers.  She does have a Wubbanub but she mainly chews on his feet. First off you get 3 in a package which as any mom knows is a great thing. Most of us have to had to replace things our kids have lost on more than one occasion so getting three at once gives you a leg up. Unlike the standard plastic pacifier clips these are made from durable metal. The clasps are easy to open. I was actually able to open them with one hand which is a plus since my daughter loves being held. In my personal experience the "teeth" on the inside of the clasp are soft enough to where they wont rip the fabric of your child's clothing , stroller or car seat. The clips are made with a high quality cotton material that easily wipes down with a baby wipe. They are also easy to install. I use the term "install" very loosely. These really are simple to use even for the most clumsy mommy and baby pair. You simply loop the white lace through the hole on the pacifier or around the toy and loop it back through itself and POOF you're done!! It's just that simple, honest.  I think these are a must for any mom who has a little one who likes to toss things or for the infant who can't hold his/her own pacifier just yet.


* I received this product in exchange for my honest review*

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