5 things NOT to say to a single mom

There's just something about being pregnant or having a baby that makes people think they can say whatever they want to you. Here are the top 5 things one should never say to a pregnant woman or maybe people just shouldn't have said to ME.

  5. Isn't it hard? *rolling eyes* Of course it's hard. When parenting is done right it's hard no matter if it's a two parent household or a single parent household. If it's not hard then you're obviously not doing it right.

4. Children need a father as a role model. No actually they don't. Both boys and girls need a strong male role model. That doesn't have to be their father. It's better for them to have a strong positive male role model that is not their biological father than a father who is a horrible non positive emotionally abusive person. Positive actions over negativity any day!

3. I feel so sorry for you. *Blink Blink* Why? I have an amazing , sweet and healthy child who I love more than life. What's to feel sorry about? Ok So I don't have a partner I have to run everything past before I do it. Eh I can live with that.

2. You should start dating. Why?  It hasn't worked out for me in the last 35 years lol I've watched too many Lifetime movies and the nightly news. I see too many freaks and perverts dating single parents and end up touching their kids. It's just not worth the risk especially since Kennady isn't old enough to talk and tell me if something happened.  The only thing I'm trying to do right now is spend time with my family. IF I wanted to date I would want someone who wants to add to my life in a positive way and not take from me. That can be a tall order.

1. If  this hadn't happened you wouldn't have your beautiful child. This one really grates on my nerves. People say it thinking they are showing the bright side. YES Kennady will ALWAYS be the bright spot in my life but that doesn't change the hell and stress I went through with her donor. Just because my daughter is awesome (and she really is) doesn't take away from the fact I was emotionally abused and then abandoned. Then I was further emotionally abused by basically being told that my daughter and myself should have died due to his other family not receiving proper medical care. For me personally being treated in this manner was not only unfair but highly unnecessary. Thankfully it has made me a stronger person and a better more protective mother.


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