Alley and Joe baby mirror review

Kennady is still rear facing and will continue to be until she out grows the rear facing limits on all of her seats. Having a mirror for many moms is a life saver and gives them peace of mind. This mirror is made from high quality hard plastic. The mirror itself is wide and slightly curved for maximum viewing of your child. It's super easy to install. It has 4 straps and clips. It secures directly to the head rest of your back seat. It's a bit large and too hard for me to use in the car. If there was an accident the mirror could become a projectile and hurt either the baby or someone else in the car ( )  I have however found many different uses for the mirror that my daughter loves. I had to put a baby gate around the TV in her play room. I attached the mirror to the gate and she loves going up and looking at herself. She kisses the mirror and everything. The mirror easily wipes clean with a baby wipe or wash cloth. Overall I like this mirror. There are so many different uses for it.

Here's what the manufacturer has to say about the product:
Look forward to stress-free car journeys with the Ally & Joe baby car mirror.

Designed for use with rear-facing infant car seats, the mirror allows you to keep a watchful eye on baby without taking your eye off the road.  Your baby also remains reassured that you're there because he/she can see you too!

The exceptionally clear, premium quality convex mirror is lightweight and shatterproof.  There's no blurring or distortion and the large size provides a wide viewing angle for total peace of mind.

The baby mirror is made using high quality, baby-safe materials.  Dual straps give maximum mounting stability to ensure that the mirror stays firmly put when going over bumps and around bends.  It can be mounted horizontally or vertically to get the best view.

The Ally & Joe baby car mirror is quick and easy to mount.  No fancy tools or specialist expertize are required (although we do recommend asking a helper to assist in finding the perfect angle before first use).  After that, you're set!  No center headrest required.

Ally & Joe are committed to bringing you great quality products that you'll love and would be happy to recommend to your friends and family.  All products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and you'll find that our customer service is the best around.

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