Apple wants YOU!!!!

This job is a personal favorite of mine. I have a few friends who have been hired in their respective states.

Apple hires “At-Home-Advisors” for their company.
“As an Apple At-Home Advisor, you’ll be supporting many of our popular products, from iPhones to iPads to MacBooks to desktop Macs. As our customers’ first point of contact, you’ll be the friendly voice of Apple, providing award-winning customer service, troubleshooting, and support. We’ll rely on you to listen to our customers and use your technical expertise, creativity, and passion to meet their needs — and remind them that behind our great products are amazing people.”
“As an Apple At-Home Advisor, enjoy a hands-on relationship with the great technology you’ll be supporting. To make your job easier, we’ll provide you with an iMac to use while you’re working from home. Plus, we’ll hook you up with a great benefits package, competitive pay, and an employee discount on Apple products. Take care of our customers, and we’ll take care of you.”
What is an AppleCare At-Home Advisor?
Apple’s customer support group, known as AppleCare, has a long-standing record of providing the world’s best customer support in the industry. The AppleCare At-Home Advisor is an opportunity to be part of this exciting team, and best of all, you’ll work from home.
What are the home office requirements?
At home, you must have a quiet, distraction-free room with a door that can close to keep out ambient noise. You must have or be willing to get a desk, an ergonomic adjustable chair, a dedicated telephone line, and an Internet connection meeting minimum requirements
For full info and how to apply stop by :

12 weeks day 6

Oh Mylie!

I’m sure by now everyone has seen or heard about the whole Mylie Cyrus VMA performance. I may be in the minority but I thought she did what she set out to do. People are STILL talking about it. When’s the last time you actually heard something about a Mylie song or something? It’s been awhile. Now all you see on TV and the internet is Mylie Mylie Mylie. THAT was the goal. The goal public relations wise was to get her and her name back out there and she did it in a BIG way.

I also love all these people who are saying horrible things about Mylie but were doing a lot more than “twerking” in their 20s. Oh how soon we forget where we were at 20 lol. I fully admit I lived and loved my 20s.  I wasn’t too crazy but I did have fun. Sometimes I drank too much, sometimes I stayed out too late, sometimes I ended up on YouTube lol. The only difference between what others were doing at 20 and what Mylie is doing is we all didn’t have to do it in the public eye.

Allow me to point out….

1. In Robin Thicke’s video originally the ladies were topless. In the re-done video the ladies had on flesh colored bras and panties.

2. In Robin Thicke’s new video there is a foam finger and sexy dancing.

SO…..pretty much Mylie was just reenacting Robin’s Thicke’s videos.

Remember when you point the finger at someone there are 3 fingers pointing back at you. 



12 weeks day 4

Baby Shower

I have been thinking about my baby shower. When to have it? Where to have it? How much it should cost. Party favors? You name it. SO much to think about. My BFF Amy wants to plan and host it which I think is so sweet. I’ve been all over Pinterest looking for ideas. It’s kinda over whelming. I feel lucky that so many of my friends are talented and are willing to make me party favors and giveaways for the shower so that’s pretty freakin’ cool.
I’m also trying to figure out when is too early to start planning. UGH so much to think about. Are themed baby showers popular? I mean like besides the theme of HEY YOU’RE HAVING A BABY!! Like should the theme be gender related (IE. Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse)? Should it be a co-ed shower? How many people is too many? Ok now I’m stressed. I’m going to drink a nice big bottle of water and surf Pinterest some more lol

mommy-to-be 1157611_357931237643131_1112576700_n babyshower1 babyshower2 ducky ducky-baby-shower

My trip to the ER


I had a scare on Monday night (8-19-13). I was sitting at the computer and all of the sudden I felt this gush of water between my legs. I got up and went into the bathroom. My undies were soaked. I called Damon in tears. I didn’t know what it was but I knew it wasn’t good. Damon did a great job at calming me down. He told me to drink a lot of water so I did. The I saw blood. I went RIGHT to the ER. My poor BFF called right as I was walking out the door to the ER so I was less than calm. I get there and sign in. I’m so upset by this point I can hardly talk. They take my blood pressure and temperature. They call me in to see the nurse. He asks me a thousand and one questions. Then the happy P.A. came in. Happy like Arizona Robbins from Grey’s Anatomy just minus the shoe skates lol. She told me that before 20 weeks there isn’t much they can do if I was in fact having a miscarriage. Not exactly what one wants to hear but at least she was honest with me. She said I could go home and rest or stay and get a full exam including an ultrasound. I said I’d stay just to be on the safe side. She asks me for a urine sample. I go to the restroom and thank God the bleeding had stopped. I did my urine sample but still stayed for the exam. They call me back in from the waiting room and put me in a wheel chair. I had NO idea where I was going. Had I known we were going to ultrasound I would have asked my mom to go with me. So off to get my u/s. I was laying there and the tech wasn’t saying much. So I said “is there a tiny human in there?” He says oh yeah hold on let me show you. I SAW MY BABY!!! He/she looked like they were waving at me like I’m here mommy I’m ok. I laid there and just stared at the screen. Of course I started to cry. It was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. I just laid on the table smiling while the tech wrote his report. They take me back to the waiting room. By this point Damon is sitting out there with my mother.  He’s asking me all these questions. Non of which I had answers for. They had actually told me nothing yet because I hadn’t seen a doctor at that point. He seemed a bit upset by my lack of info and my happy state. Granted he had driven an hour at 11pm at night and he had to be back at work at 9am. They take some blood. The P.A. calls me back in (I take Damon with me).  The happy P.A. tells us that everything looks great. I’m 11 weeks and 3 days the baby is healthy with a healthy heart beat and the right amount of fluid in the sac. I have never been so happy to hear anything in my life. We go home. I go to sleep with a smile on my face :)



11 weeks 6 days

Thank you Pink Zebra


This whole hormone thing kinda jacks you up. My sense of smell is CRAZY. Things I used to love the smell of now I can’t stand and make me sick. Things I hated the smell of I love now. My good friend Laura told me to get lemon oil and smell that when I got nauseous. It worked on the go. I love Pink Zebra and Scentsy. So I broke out all my PZ and all my Scentsy to see if I could find something not yack worthy. At this point it isn’t easy lol. I thought since most of the scent I have are food related I knew most of them would not work for me since my issue was food smells, BOY WAS I WRONG!! I found a sample of “Moms Lemon Bars”. It’s more of a sweet lemon smell. I put this one in my kitchen. I cook daily and this has been helping me not get nauseous. Which is a win for me lol I think I am going to have to check into the rest of their citrus sprinkles to see if anything else works for me. I don’t REALLY need the whole house smelling like sweet lemon lol. So right now I have lemon oil in my purse and Pink Zebra in my kitchen. I did use my Scentsy plug in wall warmer since I don’t have a PZ warmer. I may need to invest in one now tho.

The Pineapple Delight looks like it might be good too.    Fruit seems to agree with me slightly. We shall see. 



I just don’t understand


After having a pretty bad doctor’s visit I sat back and thought about all the things I would and am doing to try to give our baby ever possible chance at being healthy. Then you have women who do nothing for the health of their baby. I know a young woman who wont even get off her ass to make some extra money to get a copy of her birth certificate so she can get Medicaid so she can go to the doctor and get prenatal care.  She’s waiting for others to do stuff for her. What kind of mother is that? I would do anything humanly possible for my child(ren) inside or outside of my uterus. She honestly thinks that parenting starts AFTER the baby is born.. Being a good parent starts LONG before that child is born.

Even with as painful as my doctor’s appointment was I was glad to be able to go to the doctor and make sure our baby and myself were healthy. Our baby’s health is the most important thing to me. If a copy of my birth certificate was the only thing standing between me and going to the doctor to make sure my baby is healthy I’d collect cans, borrow money, ask friends or hell panhandle to get that piece of paper.

I sit and look down at my belly and pray multiple times a day that our baby is healthy and that I will be able to carry to term. I will keep doing that and not worry about those who don’t. The “sad” thing is this person will end up having a healthy baby and thousands of women who did everything right and tried their hardest won’t. Granted a healthy baby is NEVER a sad thing but you know what I mean, right?



Vampire Blood Draw


After the bad doctor visit I went to the lab for lab work. I’m assuming yesterday was the phlebotomist’s first day on the job. I’ve had a number of blood draws in my life starting at 2 years old and I have never had anyone have an issue getting blood from my veins. The FIRST thing this girl said was “wow how do they normally get blood from you?” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa WHAT!??!!? I’ve never had anyone say that to me. I should have left then. I asked did they have a butterfly needle. They told me know. AGAIN I should have just left but I didn’t.  She ties my right arm and starts the brutal process. She took 5 vials that took like 20 minutes. Which for me is unheard of.  I turned my head so I wouldn’t have to see what she was doing.  She was moving the needle when she’d change the vial. When she’d move the needle it would hurt sooooooooooooooooo bad.  She’d ask if I was “really in pain” no ass face I always cry for kicks. She asked me if I wanted her to take the needle out. I said no because then you’d have to put it BACK in and I sure don’t want that. 20 minutes later she finishes. I go to the bathroom to give a urine sample and just cry. I am doing all this because I want nothing more in life than for our baby THIS baby to be born healthy. I sat and cried in the waiting room with Damon , then we left. We went to the mall to look at baby stuff to make me feel better.  Then we went and saw “We’re the Millers” . It was hilarious!! You haven’t laughed until you’ve heard Jennifer Aniston scream BIG BLACK COCK and BLACK COCK DOWN!! So the Mr. made the day much better. I’m very lucky. Pissed but lucky.

photo (1)


Bad doctor’s appointment!!


I couldn’t even write about this yesterday because I was so upset. I wanted this lovely wonderful story about my first prenatal visit and all I have is a crying tale of pain. Now I’ve been having pap smears every year since I was 16 years old. Two of these occurred while I was pregnant previous times. They have never been painful or anything like that.

We arrived at my appointment about 45 minutes early. The office was closed for lunch. So we sat outside and waited. At 1:50 the doors opened and we walked in. I was handed paper work to fill out. Pretty standard stuff. I’m then told I need to provide a urine sample. Ok fine. I’d been holding it for the last 45 minutes so I was more than happy to “go”. The girl at the desk tells me to “write your name on the cup”. Hmmm ok fine whatever. I walk into the bathroom and there are DIXIE cups. YES Dixie cups like the ones you buy at Target. I should have left then. Instead I walked out and said I don’t see any urine cups just drinking cups. I was informed those WERE the urine cups. AGAIN I should have left. I didn’t. I write my name on the damn cup and peed in it.

I was then sent into an exam room and told to undress. I did so and put this ugly pink gown on. The doctor comes in and starts asking me questions. I’m not quite sure he even introduced himself fully.  I was answering his questions as best I could. He got to the part where they ask about family medical history. I told him I didn’t have one due to having been adopted and it being a closed adoption. He kind of rolled his eyes and kept asking me family medical questions. I again told him I had NO family medical history. He signs and moves on. He motions to the stir-ups so I put my feet in them. He says move down to the end of the table. I did so. he says “more”. I moved down more. Then comes the most painful pap smear and pelvic exam I’ve had to date.  Like I said I’ve had a pap smear yearly from 16 –33 and I have never had someone use this hard JABBING motion with the swab. When pressing on my abdomen he pressed hard on my right side. When he got to my left side he put all his weight on me while pushing. I’m shocked there isn’t a bruise. He then takes his gloves off and walks out saying “my office”. I sat for a second kinda going over in my head wtf just happened. I was in a lot of pain. So I got dressed and walked out into the hallway. I stood there for a minute having no one say anything to me. Then I see the doctor standing in a door way. He says “my office”. So I walked down the hallway into his office. I sit down. He tells me since I don’t know when I got pregnant he thinks my new due date is March 17th BUT not to get too attached to that date because it may change after my ultrasound. I said ok. He said “that’s all you can go”. So I got up and went out to the front desk. The nice girl at the front desk took me into her office to explain a few things and give me my paper work for my lab work. At least she was nice, right? I was told “He wants to see you in 2 weeks.” I said ok. The lady at the desk says bye see you then. They didn’t give me an actual appointment or anything. So I leave.  I’ll save my vampire blood draw for my next post.



No idea how many weeks I am at this point.



I have been on the couch all day watching the Scandal marathon on BET.  I’m supposed to be working but nope here I sit watching my favorite TV show. Well that’s not totally true I sealed 3 glass tiles for necklaces and bracelets but that’s as far as I got. I guess it’s a pregnant women’s right to sit around all day watching TV and eating Fiddle Faddle, right?

945338_462878577127814_1852197270_n 04


9 weeks 7 days

Working from home!

I’ve found the #1 question that I’m asked is how to find a legit work from home job. Well I have a few so I figured I’d post every now and then about the work from home jobs I come across. It won’t be a “regular” update thing but I will share what I find.
I will ONLY be posting work at home jobs not work from home businesses.  I know a lot of people don’t have the money , time or desire to sign up for companies where you have to sell products or services to others. A work at home job is just that. Like a 9-5 but you get to do it from the comfort of your own home.  Normally there are no fees attached to the jobs I post unless it’s for a background check and those range from $20 - $100 depending on what service the employer wants you to use.  SO if you’re looking for a work at home job keep an eye out for those posts.
9 weeks 4 days

Mommy Confession

Dear Google,
You are a pregnant woman’s best friend and worst enemy all rolled into one. You tell me all the bad things that can happen along with the good. You make me paranoid, you make me smile, you make me cry (or maybe that could just be the hormones), you make me want to start shopping, you make me want to call my doctor. Oh Google you provide too much information for a pregnant woman’s own good. I find that I research too much. Every pain I THINK I have is amplified by the fact that YOU tell me I could be or am dying. That’s mean Google. That’s REAL mean. So I’d like to say thank you and I hate you all at the same time. Google I do believe you may have made me dipolar. THANKS!!!
8 weeks 6 days

9 Weeks!


WOW today I am officially 9 weeks. It kind of blows my mind. I’m still overly tired and hungry at odd times but besides that I’m feeling like myself. I’m sitting on the train heading to Los Angeles to see the Mr. I think he’s really starting to not only get used to the idea of us having a baby but it truly happy about it. Yesterday he kept touching and talking to my belly. Right now I find it adorable I’m sure in 31 weeks I’ll find it annoying but eh who knows lol. I find myself sitting around and thanking God multiple times a day for this blessing. I also find myself begging him to please let everything be ok. Every pregnant woman does this, right? If not I still do! I think I will be a little bit less whack-a-do about everything after the 12th when I have my first official appointment or at least I hope I will. Knowing me seeing a healthy heart beat will make me cry like a baby and become even more obsessed with protecting my baby. The Mr. says that’s a good thing. I’m still on the fence. I’m still waiting to start school. I should be starting the last week of September. The idea of cooking everyday is kinda “icky” but I’m going to get through this like a champ. I have faith in my ability and my body to be able to deal with everything the culinary world throws at me or it. I got this!

All the girls in my birthing and breastfeeding groups are already talking about birth plans and stuff. I’m allergic to pain meds so this could make my birthing plan a bit different than everyone else’s. I studied Reiki healing in college and think maybe that’s the way I want to go. Unless they can just knock me out and I can wake up with a healthy baby in my arms. You know…like the old days. Do have a midwife or not to have a midwife? To have a Doula or not to have a Doula?  Holistic or traditional? Breastfeed directly from the breast or pump? OY so much to think about!!! Thankfully I have 31 weeks to figure it all out. I’m a big planner so I’m sure I’ll have everything I want planned out by 24 weeks and then see what the baby has in mind. You can plan all you want but babies have a way of doing exactly what THEY want. I’m sure mine will be no exception. If he/she is anything like me I’m in heap loads of trouble. Mini Inza….Get ready world!!!


9 weeks.

Test driving strollers!

 As a woman I pretty much already know what strollers I want for the baby.`We went to Nomi Kids in Los Angeles ( ). I am a huge lover of the Orbit G2 Stroller , The Bugaboo and the Origami by 4moms.  The Mr. had no idea what I was talking about until I forced him to go into the store.
We get in there and I start talking to the sales girl. Poor Damon thought we were speaking another language. So after we slowed down and started playing with the strollers and showing him what all they did and didn't do. He was quite impressed. He went from $800 for a stroller!?!??!? To I really like the Origami because it auto folds. So that is currently his pick. I still like the Orbit due to the fact it swivels on the base. With my bad back it is just easier to have the Orbit.

I've picked out some of the better videos related to my favorite strollers. Enjoy :)

Orbit G2: 



 8 weeks 4 days