Sick Prego!

I spent the week before Christmas with a slight cold. Not being able to take anything sucks ass to say the least. So I kinda had to deal with it. I was sent a to-go-pack of Puffs Plus Lotion free from Influenster. Blowing my nose a zillion times had pretty much rubbed it raw. So I figured why the heck not go ahead and use the free tissues. I shoved them in my purse and headed out to do my Christmas shopping.  I started to cough and sneeze so I pulled out a tissue. To my surprise they are soft and silky BUT they don’t have that lotion smell. My nose is really sensitive to smell right now so the lack of smell in the tissues was VERY important to me. They didn’t rub my nose raw which is great. They also didn’t irritate my already raw nose. That was a plus. So in this prego girl’s world Puffs Plus Lotion to-go packs are the best thing since sliced bread lol



29 weeks Day 7

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays everyone. I say “holidays” because well there are too many holidays for me to keep up and name one at a time so that pretty much covers everything and everyone lol I spent Christmas in Las Vegas with my family. My Aunt Judy who I love is so funny. She keeps looking at me and saying “you’re pregnant”. lol I cooked all Christmas Eve so I could sleep in on Christmas day. I came down stairs on Christmas morning and realized this time next year Kennady will be celebrating her first Christmas. AT about 2am I got a call and a text from Damon saying he was in the hospital. I admit I went slightly into a panic. I was in a different state and could do nothing to help him. He passed out in the car on the way to take his daughter home. He’s had the same cough for MONTHS now. Turns out he has fluid in his lungs. Which then of course turned into pneumonia. His ex had to call 911 to come and get him. When he finally got transferred to Kaiser the doctor told him he had the body of someone 40 years OLDER than he is. He also told him that he wasn’t going to live to see 50. Mind you he’s 45 now. We talked a few times on Christmas and exchanged a lot of texts. We shall see how long this lasts. Yeah so I’m a skeptic. I have a right to be. Other than that Christmas was great. I got some totally cute maternity clothes and lotions for my belly. Then we went to Opportunity Village to look at Christmas lights and go on rides. I even went on the Merry-go-Round. I didn’t even throw up lol  Well It’s time for me to get a few things done. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or whatever you celebrate.
Inza 29 weeks Day 7

My first VoxBox!!


Awhile ago I signed up for a site called Influenster. They send out things called VoxBoxes. They’re filled with free products for your to review.  The reviews are social media based. So the better social media following you have the better off you are on the site. The box I got was called the JollyVoxBox. It was filled with some great goodies. I got a full size box of Skinny Cow chocolate and peanut butter treats, Puffs with lotion tissue, Rimmel London Lip Laquer, NYC HD Color trio eye shadow and some really cute mini duck tape. I can’t wait to use all of these products. I’m pretty excited. This really is an amazing program and this was a great box. I cant wait for my next one!!!



29 weeks day 5

Birthing center tour!



Yesterday was pretty exciting. My mom, best friend Amy and I toured the birthing center. WOW I was very impressed. SO impressed I forgot to take any damn pictures. I know I know bad mommy blogger lol. The nurse answered all 40 of my questions even before I asked them. It was pretty cool. I love their policies.


* Delayed Cord Clamping

* Multiple people can be in the room with you when you give birth.

* 48 hour stay

* Birthing Balls OK

* Food places around the hospital deliver

* Private Rooms

* Lactation consultants on call 24/7 even after you go home

* Baby is with you 24/7 after vaginal delivery

* Very big on skin to skin contact.

* Room service 6:00am to 7:30pm


* They don’t do cord blood donation

* No food service after 7:30pm


So I have way more pros than cons and the cons aren’t really “big” ones. So Yeah I’m totally over joyed with the place.

I haven’t been feeling the best. I think I have a cold so I think it might be time to crawl back into bed.


28 weeks day 7


My name is Inza and I’m a Groupon whore!


I was looking to book my 3D/4D ultrasound. As many of you know they can be quite costly. So I hopped on to see if I could find any deals. Sure enough I found a deal for the Henderson Wellness Center in Henderson, NV  for $35. You get 6 prints PLUS a 10 minute DVD of your session. I signed into my account and found out that I had won $10 in Groupon bucks. SO that took the cost down to $25!!!  I bought it before my free bucks expired and booked it for yesterday. I was in Vegas for my aunt’s birthday so I figured why not make it a family thing. My mom and my aunt went with me. Now my aunt’s daughter will be 47 this year so she isn’t used to all the new cool technology. Her reaction was pretty funny. Kennady went to sleep face down at first. So they jiggled my belly and had me move all around trying to wake her up. Oddly I ate a cupcake before the ultrasound and she still went to sleep.  Finally she turned over but then she put her lil hand in front of her face as if to say NO PICTURES PLEASE NO PICTURES! It was so funny. Then she changed hands and put the other one over her face then put BOTH hands over her face. Oh my sweet mini diva in training. lol

scan0001 scan00011




27 weeks Day 4

26 weeks!

Well today I am officially 26 weeks. The first 26 weeks of my pregnancy have been pretty lonely for the most part. I’m turning a new leaf. I am going to try to be as happy as I can possibly be. This is supposed to be the happiest time of my life. I will never get back the first 26 weeks of my pregnancy but I will make the best for the next 98 or so days of my pregnancy. I realized I’ve been VERY lucky. I haven’t had too many sick spells or anything. Right now my biggest pain is in my back which of course is normal. Now I must figure out how to be happy and “alone”.




26 weeks Day 1

Possible life as a single mom


It’s been a hard couple of weeks around here. When someone tells you who they are believe them.  My dear other half’s mom told me 3 weeks into us dating that she will always be his #1 priority in life. I spoke to him about it and he told me not to listen to her and that she wasn’t right blah blah. I took him at his word. I was rushed to the ER at 11 weeks 3 days pregnant. The next time I saw her she told me how she didn’t like that her son had to come and tend to me at 10pm. Ok I understand that. No one wants their child making a long drive at night alone. We all worry about our babies no matter how old they are. So on that I agreed and slightly felt bad. She then told me AGAIN that she will always be #1 in his life and then threw in a story about his daughter’s mom and how he had told her he had a new family and they were his priority. She then tells me “and you see how that ended”. I got up and left her office and went into the bathroom. I sat in the floor and cried. I sat and talked to myself repeating over and over again what he had told me about how he loves me and how his mother wasn’t right. I came out of the bathroom and kinda just sat there the rest of the day. At 24 weeks pregnant I finally opened my mouth and said something. At that point I hadn’t seen him in 2 weeks because he was busy with his mommy and stuff. He hasn’t spoken to me since.

I understand women are different than men. When I hit 24 weeks I was so excited. I wanted to share this milestone with her father. I had a cute picture frame made with our picture and one of Kennady’s sonogram photos. I got cute “I love daddy” onesies and a wall decal that says “ Family where life begins and love never ends” to put on the wall of our first home together. I wanted to celebrate this milestone with him and instead he spent the day with his mother. We signed up for a few classes for the baby like infant/child CPR , infant care classes and a few others. HE was the one who picked the days and times. When the classes rolled around oops he couldn’t go. So I told him the new dates of the classes. He said “ok” and those classes came and went too. So I will be re-booking my classes and going alone.

I finally announced my pregnancy on Facebook which for me was a big deal. He had me so paranoid and stuff that I was afraid to share the happy news. The love that everyone showed me made me cry and kinda sad that I hadn’t done so sooner. Kennady and I are loved and that’s what matters. My family and best friend Amy have been my rocks. I can do this. Women do it everyday. I just feel so stupid for not believing his mother when she said what she did. I should have known I didn’t have a chance in hell.  We will see how all this plays out. I keep getting told you don’t just walk away and relationships take work. That’s true but if I allow myself to be treated like this what does it teach my daughter? Does it teach her to allow a man to scream and cuss at you when he’s upset then cut off all contact with you? Is that an ok thing to teach young girls? At what point does it stop?

Sorry if this post is all over the place. I’m kind of all over the place right now.



25 weeks Day 7

$5 Bag Sale

WOW what a busy week. It was so busy I actually missed/forgot about my doctor’s appointment. Pregnancy brain really DOES exist. Normally the Dr’s office calls with a reminder but they didn’t this time. I had written it down and told Damon but we just forgot. I had to re-schedule my appointment. I pride myself on always remembering important things like that but I just plain forgot :(

On an up side I went to a $5 bag sale at one of the local kids consignment shops. Everything in the sale section that you can shove in your bag for $5!!! YES PLEASE!!!  I actually got my mom to go with me. There was a limit one bag per customer so Kennady got two bags thanks to mom and grandma!! I went into the store the day before and saw the cutest purple glitter shoes. YES I know they will be too big for Kennady when she’s born but she will grow. Her feet wont be newborn size forever. I went to the store to see where it was and to kind of get a feel of the layout. I used to do that before Black Friday shopping lol People lined up at the baby store at like 6am and the store didn’t open til 9:45am. As we’re standing in line it starts to RAIN!!! I told my mom to go sit in the car since she has a bad knee and the cold makes it worse. After standing in line for over an hour it was finally our turn to go through the bins. We got a lot of good stuff. My mom got more than I did. We got onesies, dresses, blankets, shoes, socks and even a head support for the car seat! Our car seat comes with one but hey having an extra is always a good thing, right? So yeah it was a cold fun time had by all. I hope they do it again soon. I’ll sooooo be there!!!


photo 1395131_10153546964660157_1748102072_n


24 weeks Day 1

Baby Furniture!


WOW it’s been a busy week. I haven’t been feeling too well but I started working on a new side project so that’s always fun. We also picked out and paid for our baby furniture (thanks in part to my BFF). So I’m a VERY happy girl right now! We did a bundle deal so it came out to be a lot cheaper. We got the crib, changing table, stroller, car seat, crib mattress, bedding set, walker, diaper bag and 12 outfits for $1400! We picked a black crib and the JJ Cole Broadway 360 stroller and car seat. The stroller comes with the car seat adapter so we can use any car seat with it. I like the purple butterfly design. I found some cute stuff to go with it over at Babies R Us and Pottery Barn kids.  Doing the furniture has taken a bit of stress of of me. That’s always a good thing, right?

1395251_10153470057420157_1661342446_n 941502_10153470056925157_675639120_n 994635_10153470057605157_830618935_n 1381259_10153470043455157_314995819_n 1384183_10153470057270157_282553504_n


22 weeks day 5

Stool softener

I went to the doctor for my VB re-check. I figured I might as well mention my inability to “go”.  She gave me an RX for stool softeners. Great , right? Well I get a call from the pharmacy saying the medicine she prescribed no longer actually existed. I couldn’t help but laugh. My midwife is old school and I love her. I think she’s been a midwife since before I was born. I bet she’s forgotten more than a lot of young / new midwives know. The pharmacy had to fax my midwife and doctor to get the RX changed to something tat still is on the market. Two days later I got my pills and holy moley they worked!! YAY!!! Yep who knew one day I’d be cheering about poop? lol  I did all the “natural” stuff. Drank more water , ate more fruits and veggies you name it. The meds are the only thing that has seemed to work.

photo (3)

Inza 21 weeks Day 6



We went to see “Bad Grandpa” last night. It was freakin’ funny. NOW here’s my problem. We walk into the theater and see MANY people there with CHILDREN! Yes CHILDREN!! We aren’t talking teens or infants who wont know the difference. We’re talking kids between the ages of 7 and 12 years old. Now I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone but from the first scene there is a lot of sexual content and language in the movie. I saw one mom covering her son’s eyes during the movie. ok It’s a JackAss movie. Do these people NOT know who Johnny Knoxville is? Did they not see the ads for the movie?! I mean come on. The TV ads did NOT look kid friendly. Yet many parents felt the need to NOT get a babysitter and bring their children to an R-rated movie. I just don’t understand it. Maybe I’m just too “sensitive” right now? Maybe it’s hormones? If I was going to let my kids watch and R-rated movie at that age I’d see the movie FIRST to make sure they could handle it. Not see if we could both handle it at the same time. smdh


photo (1)


21 weeks day 2

Saw my nurse



I have an Ob/Gyn , 3 midwives and a perinatal nurse. I love them all. I went and saw my nurse yesterday. She said my weight is perfect. I’ll spare you the actual number lol but I’ve only gained 5 pounds so that’s good. I’m trying to eat healthy and all that good stuff. Every time I see her I have to write down what I ate in the last 24 hours. I always think I’m eating poorly but they always seem to think it’s great. I guess there can be worse things than eating 4 oranges in one day lol.

I told her about my dizzy spells and how when I eat a Jolly Rancher or sucker I’m typically fine or at least ok enough to get home and get in the bed. She gave me an Accu Chek Nano meter to check my blood sugar. She told me to use it only when I am having one of my dizzy, hot and/or fainting spells. I am going to have to carry it in my purse. I’m going to need a bigger purse here soon. I’m thankful that all my blood work and everything has been good so far. YAY for healthy mommy and baby!

photo (1)photo (2) photo (3) photo (5)


20 weeks Day 6

We're at the half way mark!!

We’re having A………….

So I went to my doctor appointment on Thursday the 17th. First I saw my midwife. She’s this extra happy woman. Like ALWAYS happy. You can’t help but to smile and be happy when you’re around her. She used the doppler to listen to Lentil’s heart beat. Lentil didn’t want to be bothered. so she kinda had to move around a bit to find a good strong sound. The baby kept moving all over the place. After listening to Lentil’s strong heart beat we were sent back out to the waiting room. My next appointment was for my ultrasound. We sat and sat and sat. About 45 minutes into waiting I went to the front desk and asked had they forgotten about us and our ultrasound. She said oh goodness I don’t know why they haven’t called you yet. She handed me some paper work to fill out for the u/s tech and we waited some more. Finally they called us in. By this point I have to pee REALLY bad. I went to the restroom and went into the ultrasound room. I hopped up on the table and got ready to see our baby. She puts the gel on my tummy and starts to move the wand around. Now of course my sweet little bundle of joy couldn’t make it easy. To start Lentil was sitting upright looking around. The tech started to jiggle my uterus with the wand trying to get the baby to move. It wasn’t working. Finally the baby laid down. After about 30 minutes of trying to see the tech says “I don’t see a penis so I am going to say girl”. The only “problem” is her lil legs were crossed the whole time but like the tech I didn’t see a penis either lol. Just to show this is 75% my child and 25% Damon’s child. When she finally laid down she started sticking her tongue out and waving her arms. Then she turned toward the wand so we got a nice face picture of her. How do I get 75/25? Well I’m very bratty yet I like having my picture taken but ONLY when I am ready for it. If I’m not ready it’s not happening. Which means I could never be famous and followed by the paparazzi. Damon’s 25% comes in because the baby is already stubborn and only likes to be bothered when she feels like it. Same with her daddy. So I introduce to you….
Miss Kennady Caryl Mae! We think…… lol
photo (13) photo (12)
19 weeks day 7




I’m about to get ready for my prenatal appointment. I am very excited! I think Lentil moved twice this morning or again it could be gas. lol Off to shower and shave while I still can.



19 weeks day 5

WOW almost 20 weeks!!!


The time has been flying by so fast. I must admit I very much enjoy that. My next doctor’s appointment is on the 17th. Actually I have two appointments. I have a sono appointment and a regular prenatal appointment. I can’t wait to see if Lentil is a boy or a girl. Last time he/she was way too modest  and active. I THINK I’ve been feeling the baby move.  I’m not 100% sure. I’m a chunky girl so the doctor said I may not feel anything until 20 weeks or so. I’m still so paranoid I’d just love to start really feeling the baby move so I know he or she is in there and alive.

I spent most of last week and this weekend with the Mr. We had fun just hanging out and being with each other. On Sunday his daughter and I made brownie cookies.That was a lot of fun and yummy too. photo (11)


19 weeks Day 3



I was kinda busy over the weekend so please excuse my lack of posting. Damon and I had a chance to go to MommyCon Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to win both of us tickets to the show. MommyCon is a kinda crunchy mom convention. Though I don’t 100% agree with everything I learned there it was VERY interesting and a lot of fun.

I’ve pulled Damon to the dark side. BABY WEARING!!!! At first he wasn’t too keen on the idea. He and his ex had talked about baby wearing with their daughter but opted against it. They didn’t do proper research on all the different kinds of carriers. We saw everything from wraps to carriers with back supports. Damon fell in love with the carriers from Lille Baby  (not pictured). They come with a back support plate. Makes carrying baby soooooo much easier and comfy. We met many baby wearers over the weekend. They actually had the World Record Baby Wearing Event.  It was awesome to see all the moms and dads wearing their babies and toddlers.

photo (5)

We also got to play with my all time favorite stroller the Orbit. The Mr. liked it from the start but after MommyCon he REALLY likes it. We got to play with almost all of the attachments and got to ask their sales reps questions. I’m only 5’2” so this stroller really is perfect for me. The handles adjust up and down and ALL of the seats swivel on their bases. Both car seat base and stroller base. The cost is over $1,000 for the full set but in my opinion it’s well worth it. The car seat is a bit heavy but it is deep. The baby sits down lower in the car seat. The higher sides can help absorb impact in an accident. The one hand fold is also a huge draw. You can actually hold the car seat in one hand and fold the stroller with the other. The car seat carrier strap is a soft strap which I also love. You can hold it against your body unlike the hard plastic carrier handles. We WILL have this stroller system. I’m starting to think I’m stroller obsessed. I have picked out 6 different strollers we will be purchasing. I narrowed it down from 10 lol

photo (10)

Damon is still anti cloth diapering. I tried I really tried. Then again I’m not 100% sure I have the cloth diaper gene in me either. With work and school I’m not sure I’d have tike time or energy it takes to cloth diaper. That’s also a lot to ask of a nanny. But we did see some totally cute cloth diaper designs. I wanted to get the skull ones for my friend Laura but turns out she already has them lol Of course!!!

photo (6)

Overall we had a really good time. I still can’t picture myself breastfeeding my child at the age of 7 years old but hey to each their own, right?

photo (9)


18 weeks Day 6



As I mentioned before I had to go pick up an Rx. Well I have a bacterial infection. They put me on Metronidazole. This stuff has made me sick and sent me to the bathroom a zillion times. This is the first time during this pregnancy that I have really gotten sick and it sucked ass. I haven’t wanted to get out of bed or move. What makes it worse is it has killed my appetite. No appetite means I haven’t been eaten really even tho I try, Nothing tastes good or right. So I’ve been getting even more sick. Thankfully as the week went on things seemed to even out. The side effects are bad but well worth it. Bacterial infections can cause preterm labor and many other problems. So I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to make sure my little Lentil is healthy and happy. So back to bed I go lol NOT because I’m sick but because I’m a tired prego lady lol




18 weeks Day 2

Let the poop throwing begin!!

I know this crap only bothers be because I’m pregnant. I can fully admit that lol Yesterday started off just ugh!!!

The morning started off with me being pissed at one of my favorite cell phone case companies. I refuse to name them and give them anymore promo. I was a faithful customer and fan of their work but I’m over it now. They hosted a contest. You had to go to their site pick your favorite item post a link to it , share the post on your Facebook page and ask your friends to like your comment. I had 12 of my friends go to their page and like my comment. NO ONE ELSE had ANY friends like their comment. ONE other person “shared” the post and only ONE other person actually posted the damn link as stated in the rules. The ONLY likes the other contestants had were from the woman who is RUNNING THE DAMN CONTEST!! Of course one of the women who didn’t bother to follow ANY of the rules won. She didn’t share the post, didn’t have her friends like her post and didn’t post a damn link to her favorite product. Yet she won!! How fucking fair is that!??!?! This is how my day started.

I went to get my paper work from my doctor to get my blood drawn for the prenatal genetic testing panel. I called at 8a. and they said they’d have the paper work ready by 9:30am. I got to the office at 10am and NO PAPER WORK! So I had to sit and wait for them to finish it. I called ahead of time so I could avoid having to sit and wait.I get the paper work and walk out to the car. I realize they are trying to send me for 1st trimester screening when I’m in my second trimester. So I have to go BACK inside and have them fill out the correct paper work. Which means I had to wait yet AGAIN. I take the paper work to the lab one building over. Now this is the same location I went to last time and had a horrible experience. Walking in I was already nervous and uneasy. I went into the blood draw room. The lady comes in and I tell her people can’t get blood out of my left arm. I don’t think I have EVER had a blood draw done in that arm in 33 years. They use my right arm. I tried to explain this she said no. She didn’t feel comfortable trying to use my right arm. So she wanted to try the left. She comments about how small my veins are. DUH That’s what I was trying to explain. THEN she tells me they are out of butterfly needles. WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!!! what lab doesn’t stock butterfly needles?!!? So I finally said NO I won’t do this. I asked for my paper work back and left.

When I went to pick up my paper work they told me I have a bacterial infection that requires medication. ok fine. They sent the RX to Walgreens. Oh for the love of all that which is holy. I will try my BEST to NEVER use Walgreens again if at all possible. The Rx was sent to them at 10:45am. I arrived at Walgreens at noon. They told me that NO Rx had been sent in for me. I called my doctor back and they verified they had sent the Rx in via electronic transfer. I then went home and called Walgreens to check and see if the Rx had arrived yet. I was on hold for 45 minutes. A lady answered the phone and said nope no Rx for you. I take a nap.

I wake up and call another one of our lab locations to try to get this blood draw done. I find one close to my house. I call Walgreens yet again. This time I’m on hold for 20 minutes before I just hang up. I get to the lab. The nice tech listened to me and took blood from my right arm. She was quick and it was almost painless. I get in the car and call Walgreens yet again. I walk into Walgreens while still on hold on the phone. I stand in this VERY VERY long line again while still on hold. I start to get light headed and feel like I am going to pass out. I leave to go find food. I’m STILL on hold. I go BACK into the store and stand in line. I’m STILL on the phone on hold while in line yet again. I get to the front of the line and the lady tells me there is STILL no Rx for me. She starts a “profile” for me with the store and POOF my Rx pops up like magic. She then says “there’s a problem" I said what?!?!? She then informs me that the Rx wont be ready until 6:30pm. I have to come BACK to the store. This is the point where I want to hop up on top of the damn counter drop my pants and take a massive poop right on the counter then start throwing it at people. Tho I think that would be highly frowned upon. I actually called Damon and told him he was marrying a poo slinger lol I return to the store at 7pm. AGAIN I stand in a long ass line. I get to the front and the lady says ok let me get it. 15 minutes later she comes back with my pills. I take the bag and get the hell out of there. I came home and watched “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Blacklist”.

At the end of the day I got everything done I needed to get done. It wasn’t in a timely manner but it did get done. I love my little Lentil so I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure he/she and I stay healthy. I’m still pissed about the contest tho!!! lol

photo (3)



11 weeks Day 4


I have a friend who has said many of the things you’re just not supposed to say to a pregnant woman. I don’t understand people. When I first found out about Lentil (that’s what I call the baby. Damon doesn’t like it lol) he said that I shouldn’t tell anyone I’m pregnant because the baby might die. NOW most pregnant women have a fear of miscarriage. TELLING us that this could happen is NOT something we want to hear from anyone let alone someone we view as a friend. That was when I was like 7 weeks pregnant. I’m now 16 weeks+ and I made a comment about not being able to tell the gender of the baby yet because he/she had his/her legs closed. This person replied with well it’s about time one of you kept your legs closed. WTF really?!!? I just laughed it off but I’m so over this friendship it isn’t even funny. I have got to get rid of negative people. I want Lentil to be around those will will care about him/her. I have come to the realization that life really is too short to surround yourself with bitter people. I can understand not loving your life but why take it out on others just because they are happy? I guess the old saying to true misery loves company. Well I refuse to keep misery company. I have a wonderful relationship (that of course is not without its problems) , a great family that drives me crazy, true friends who love me and are happy for us and we’re having a healthy baby. What more could one ask for? I pray for my friends and former friends. I hope they are all able to find happiness in their lives. We all have our down times but why try to bring others down with you?

I sit here and hold my tummy and smile. I talk to Damon and I smile. I find myself smiling a lot lately.

I think turning 30 did something to me. I grew up a lot. I was already an adult but something about 30 made me take a lot of things more seriously. i started to look at the world and life differently. Now being pregnant again at 33 has totally changed my life and views on many things. My new view is love.


17 weeks Day 2

I’m VERY excited!

I am so excited about this baby. Sometimes it seems like I’m the only one. Ok maybe not 100% true. I have some GREAT friends who are very happy for me but my mother just isn’t one of them. She went with me to my ultrasound because I want her to be involved. The sono tech asked her if she was excited about a new grandbaby. She said no. I just laughed like she was joking. She wasn’t. As i laid there on the table looking at my beautiful baby my mom pretty much sat there and groaned about how long it was taking and how she couldn’t see anything yet and why did I go at 16 weeks when they can’t see much. She even went so far as to ask the tech “don’t they all look alike at this age? What’s the point?” I was still thrilled.
I was trying to get a surprise gender ultrasound for Damon but the baby just didn’t want to give up the goods. Our baby started off face down. Then started moving and didn’t stop. At one point  the baby looked AT the “camera” and  put his/her lil hand up in front of their face. I said yep getting ready for a paparazzi. Please no pictures no pictures. lol The tech giggled. I got to see the heart beat , the spine, the wittle face , hands, legs and brain. The poor tch couldn’t get very many “good” pictures because our little Lentil just wouldn’t stop moving. lol Oy

1240192_10153339209640157_1648351844_n 1375926_10153339208145157_611630763_n
16 weeks Day 6

Had a good weekend.


On Saturday the Mr and his mini me came and picked me up. We went and hung out at the mall for awhile and had lunch. Then we they were having a concert in the court yard thingy.The boy band After Romeo was performing and taking pictures with all the screaming tween and teen girls. I felt sooooo old. I actually had to go and ask one of the moms who the heck these kids were. I didn’t feel bad when she had to look at her daughter’s key chain to tell me the band’s name. We sat and listened and the kiddo danced her little heart out. We walked around for a bit then made our way to See’s candy. I was craving dark chocolate covered almonds. While standing in line for about 20 minutes I started to feel sick. I got my dark chocolate covered almonds and left. I got outside and almost fell into Damon’s arms. He wasn’t too thrilled about that because he had already said we should go home instead of walking around the mall. Oddly like a minute later I was fine. I’m starting to think my Closter phobia has gotten worse with pregnancy. We started to leave then SDS wanted candy and we went looking for a candy store and happened upon the Nestle Toll House cookie store. YES PLEASE!! Even though they aren’t gluten free so I had a strawberry banana smoothie.  It was really good but it kind of “separated”.  I hope to have way more weekends like this :)


photo (3)

Inza 16 weeks day 4

Ha ha!



I saw this on Facebook and thought it was kinda cute.


15 weeks day 7

Happy yet feeling guilty

Yesterday was my second actual prenatal appointment. I was so excited I could hardly sleep last night. Damon drove down the day before and we stayed at a beautiful hotel. We got up this morning had breakfast and took off to the doctor’s office. Now I have zero sense of direction and the Mr. refuses to use his GPS. Of course this means nothing good. My appointment was at 9am. We arrived at 9:25am after ending up two towns over. Thankfully I had all of my paper work prefilled out so that was good and killed about 20 minutes of wait time.  The nurse calls my name and Damon and I went walking back there. First thing out of Damon’s mouth was “I’m here against my will”. We get into the exam room and the nurse asks me how my pregnancy has been going. Damon not missing a beat says “WAIT!! You’re pregnant? I thought we were here for an ear infection?” The nurse says “you roofied him didn’t you?” I said yep and we all fell out laughing.
The nurse had to leave and tell other nurses and my midwife. My midwife walks in and asked me if I needed a refill on my roofies. I was like nah I'm already pregnant I'll call you again after March. She said "sounds good to me" and put her gloves on. lol. She went to check my cervix and says to her nurse "lube me up Scottie" which made DF about die since he's a HUGE  Star Trek fan. She tries to find the baby's heart beat with the doppler but couldn't so she took us into the ultrasound room. We see the baby and the heart beat. DF says "is that a penis?!?" My midwife replies with "no fool that's an arm. If that's a penis I'm calling Guinness".  We didn't get a print out since it was an "unofficial" ultrasound just to see the heart beat. I was thankful to see even if I didn't get a print out. At my 20 weeks u/s they said I'll get 3 or more pictures. So that made me smile. All in all everyone made me feel a heck of a lot better. 
I was informed I am to ALWAYS bring DF with me to all of my appointments and they will work around HIS schedule. I'm like what about my schedule?!? lol

I feel "guilty" about being so happy over our baby being ok when my mom , aunt and rest of my family are so sad and unhappy. I have a right to be happy but I almost feel bad.

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15 weeks Day 5

I hate being alone

I feel really selfish complaining but I kinda need to get it out. The Mr. and I live about an hour apart right now which makes it pretty hard to see each other. Before I got pregnant we spent every Friday, Saturday and Sunday together. I would hop on the train and go see him.  Now we might not see each other for two weeks or so. I’m not even invited to come down anymore. I understand he works long hours. I get that. This always alone feelings has really started to suck. I thought this was going to be a partnership and it doesn’t really feel like that. It feels like I’m just pregnant and alone 99% of the time. It doesn’t help that the weekends are the only time he has his 3 year old daughter. So again I’m left sitting at home crying most times. I know a lot of it is hormones but a lot of it is genuine sadness. I have no doubt that he loves me that’s not even a question. I’d just love to know where the baby and I fit in or don’t fit in.  I need to find more mommy friends or just friends in general. I have focused on my career for so many years my personal life has kinda suffered. Most of my “friends” are work related and in some cases internet based. So again ,“alone”.

I went from looking at wedding dresses to sitting around the house alone and trying to throw myself into work as much as possible. I guess more work is always good, right?  When I’m not working I sit and cry because I’m paranoid about the baby being ok. I have had a lot of conversations with God. Mostly me begging for my child’s health. I’d love a hug and a “everything is going to be ok” just once. With so many weeks between my doctor’s appointments I start to get even more paranoid that something is wrong. It also doesn’t help that I am 15 weeks pregnant and I haven’t actually felt the baby move yet. Nor have I told many people about my pregnancy so I don’t have anyone really to talk to. Sooooooooooo here I am :)

Of course a lot of the feelings go away when he finally calls and we have fun laughing and talking. As soon as I hang up the phone all the alone feelings come back. I’m VERY thankful that I don’t have to do it financially alone but the emotionally alone thing stings. I understand I’m a very lucky woman believe me I do. I just get sad sometimes.  I’d rather not just smile and pretend everything is ok but I also don’t want to be  a whiny partner when I know he has other responsibilities and I honestly do respect that, which is why I try to only whine on my blog lol. I don’t want to ever make him feel bad. That would break my heart.

I guess I’ll go make myself something pretty. I like pretty things, they make me smile. :)   I feel better already.

OK so I’m still looking at wedding dresses too lol

a-luxurious-beaded-bodice-wedding-dress-with-ruched-tulle-skirt 998978_646863275336734_2036301792_n


15 weeks Day 2

I’m not part of the “family” anymore…

This kinda sucks because I can’t actually fully explain the situation for fear of losing my contract with this company. SO this might not make sense but I just need to vent.  I’ve worked with this wonderful company for the last 12 or so years. The people have always been amazing from the owner on down. We’ve always called ourselves “a family”. It’s always felt that way. We had a work event come up and everyone was invited to go but me. The funny thing is I wanted to go to the event to share my happy baby news with my work”family”. I know it may sound silly but they really have become a second family to me over the years. I was so excited about being able to share this happy moment with them. Turns out I’m just not part of the family anymore. For me that hurts. I feel sorta stupid because I still feel this company is the best in their business. I still think the people are amazing and great even if they don’t feel the same way about me.
I guess I came to my blog with this because Damon is kind of a hard ass. Something I love and hate about him. He thinks I should just move on and not care. Easy to say but I’m an emotional person. A lot of these people were there for me through some really dark times. I’ve met some of my best friends there. They’ve given me a lot so the idea of them not “wanting” me really does hurt. I mean I’ll get over it. I guess maybe I’m just a ball of hormones who was excited to share my happy news after 10 years of fertility failures.


14 weeks Day 7

Coughed and peed


So it finally happened. I coughed and peed myself. Not a lot just a little bit. It happened a few days ago (14 weeks day2) but I was embarrassed to even post it. Then I figured hell this is a truthful blog. An honest look at my own pregnancy journey so screw it YES I PEED IN MY UNDIES WHEN I COUGHED!! Thankfully I was at home so I was able to change my undies and keep on with my day. I thought this would happen later in pregnancy. Oy! I guess that’s all I have to say about that!



14 weeks Day 4

I no feel well :(


I went to the mall today with the Mr. and the 3 year old to buy shoes. Well today it was 100 degrees and Victoria Gardens mall is an outdoor mall. We played in the water, went on the train, stopped at the candy store and went looking for shoes and pinup clothes. I was fine when we got to the pinup store but after about 10 minutes I got really hot and started to sweat and feel like I was about to pass out. I guess it was too darn hot. The manager of the store offered to call 911 because I looked that bad. He was kind enough to go and get me some paper towels. I sat for awhile and felt half way ok enough to walk to the car. We got to the parking lot and Damon and the munchkin went to go get the car. I was leaning against the wall then all of the sudden I got hot again and sat down IN THE PARKING LOT!! So there I sit with my dress on in the parking lot. Damon looked a bit scared when he drove up. The look on his face scared me so I got up on my own and got in the car. I slept most of the way home. I got home and got in the bed and slept for like 4 hours. I felt MUCH better after that. Last time this happened my mother took my blood sugar and blood pressure and BOTH were low. So I guess the next step is the gestational diabetes test. Icky pooh!! You have to drink that chalky crap. NOT looking forward to that but hey if it keeps baby and I healthy I’m all for it. *twitch*  Now I’m off to find apple juice. I’ve discovered I love apple juice! WHO KNEW?!!?



14 weeks day 2

Family Day


Damon and I like to make weekends “family days” with his 3 year old daughter (my soon to be step daughter). This week’s family day was spent at the Aquarium of the Pacific.  During the summer it’s only $14.95 after like 4pm or 5pm. Which is pretty cool instead of like almost $30. It was a fun day had by all. I walked most of the time and I was totally ok. Maybe that whole you get your energy thing back is true. Tho I did come home and sleep for like 12 hours. I touched a shark, Jelly Fish, Star Fish and other sea life that I really can’t identify. I didn’t even know you could touch Jelly Fish without getting stung. It was pretty cool.


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13 weeks day 4

The best parents are those….

It always seems to be the best parents are the ones who don’t actually have kids. I’ve always had a pretty open approach to parenting. I always tend to laugh at those who say “Oh I KNOW exactly how I am going to raise my kids.” Yeah ok just wait until the kid gets here. Children are not mini us. We’d like to think so but they are their own individual people. They have their own thoughts , minds, feelings and spirits. Each child is different. What works for one child may not work for another child even if they are raised in the same house and share DNA. Children are PEOPLE not science experiments. There is no universal way to raise ALL children. Not even ones from the same family. I wish people would go into parenting with a lil less “fantasy” and more of an understanding that this child or children are going to be their own people. I hope I'm around to sit and laugh at all the know it all parents when their kids prove to them that they don't know shit. lol


13 weeks day 1

Apple wants YOU!!!!

This job is a personal favorite of mine. I have a few friends who have been hired in their respective states.

Apple hires “At-Home-Advisors” for their company.
“As an Apple At-Home Advisor, you’ll be supporting many of our popular products, from iPhones to iPads to MacBooks to desktop Macs. As our customers’ first point of contact, you’ll be the friendly voice of Apple, providing award-winning customer service, troubleshooting, and support. We’ll rely on you to listen to our customers and use your technical expertise, creativity, and passion to meet their needs — and remind them that behind our great products are amazing people.”
“As an Apple At-Home Advisor, enjoy a hands-on relationship with the great technology you’ll be supporting. To make your job easier, we’ll provide you with an iMac to use while you’re working from home. Plus, we’ll hook you up with a great benefits package, competitive pay, and an employee discount on Apple products. Take care of our customers, and we’ll take care of you.”
What is an AppleCare At-Home Advisor?
Apple’s customer support group, known as AppleCare, has a long-standing record of providing the world’s best customer support in the industry. The AppleCare At-Home Advisor is an opportunity to be part of this exciting team, and best of all, you’ll work from home.
What are the home office requirements?
At home, you must have a quiet, distraction-free room with a door that can close to keep out ambient noise. You must have or be willing to get a desk, an ergonomic adjustable chair, a dedicated telephone line, and an Internet connection meeting minimum requirements
For full info and how to apply stop by :

12 weeks day 6

Oh Mylie!

I’m sure by now everyone has seen or heard about the whole Mylie Cyrus VMA performance. I may be in the minority but I thought she did what she set out to do. People are STILL talking about it. When’s the last time you actually heard something about a Mylie song or something? It’s been awhile. Now all you see on TV and the internet is Mylie Mylie Mylie. THAT was the goal. The goal public relations wise was to get her and her name back out there and she did it in a BIG way.

I also love all these people who are saying horrible things about Mylie but were doing a lot more than “twerking” in their 20s. Oh how soon we forget where we were at 20 lol. I fully admit I lived and loved my 20s.  I wasn’t too crazy but I did have fun. Sometimes I drank too much, sometimes I stayed out too late, sometimes I ended up on YouTube lol. The only difference between what others were doing at 20 and what Mylie is doing is we all didn’t have to do it in the public eye.

Allow me to point out….

1. In Robin Thicke’s video originally the ladies were topless. In the re-done video the ladies had on flesh colored bras and panties.

2. In Robin Thicke’s new video there is a foam finger and sexy dancing.

SO…..pretty much Mylie was just reenacting Robin’s Thicke’s videos.

Remember when you point the finger at someone there are 3 fingers pointing back at you. 



12 weeks day 4

Baby Shower

I have been thinking about my baby shower. When to have it? Where to have it? How much it should cost. Party favors? You name it. SO much to think about. My BFF Amy wants to plan and host it which I think is so sweet. I’ve been all over Pinterest looking for ideas. It’s kinda over whelming. I feel lucky that so many of my friends are talented and are willing to make me party favors and giveaways for the shower so that’s pretty freakin’ cool.
I’m also trying to figure out when is too early to start planning. UGH so much to think about. Are themed baby showers popular? I mean like besides the theme of HEY YOU’RE HAVING A BABY!! Like should the theme be gender related (IE. Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse)? Should it be a co-ed shower? How many people is too many? Ok now I’m stressed. I’m going to drink a nice big bottle of water and surf Pinterest some more lol

mommy-to-be 1157611_357931237643131_1112576700_n babyshower1 babyshower2 ducky ducky-baby-shower