I have a friend who has said many of the things you’re just not supposed to say to a pregnant woman. I don’t understand people. When I first found out about Lentil (that’s what I call the baby. Damon doesn’t like it lol) he said that I shouldn’t tell anyone I’m pregnant because the baby might die. NOW most pregnant women have a fear of miscarriage. TELLING us that this could happen is NOT something we want to hear from anyone let alone someone we view as a friend. That was when I was like 7 weeks pregnant. I’m now 16 weeks+ and I made a comment about not being able to tell the gender of the baby yet because he/she had his/her legs closed. This person replied with well it’s about time one of you kept your legs closed. WTF really?!!? I just laughed it off but I’m so over this friendship it isn’t even funny. I have got to get rid of negative people. I want Lentil to be around those will will care about him/her. I have come to the realization that life really is too short to surround yourself with bitter people. I can understand not loving your life but why take it out on others just because they are happy? I guess the old saying to true misery loves company. Well I refuse to keep misery company. I have a wonderful relationship (that of course is not without its problems) , a great family that drives me crazy, true friends who love me and are happy for us and we’re having a healthy baby. What more could one ask for? I pray for my friends and former friends. I hope they are all able to find happiness in their lives. We all have our down times but why try to bring others down with you?

I sit here and hold my tummy and smile. I talk to Damon and I smile. I find myself smiling a lot lately.

I think turning 30 did something to me. I grew up a lot. I was already an adult but something about 30 made me take a lot of things more seriously. i started to look at the world and life differently. Now being pregnant again at 33 has totally changed my life and views on many things. My new view is love.


17 weeks Day 2

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