Had a good weekend.


On Saturday the Mr and his mini me came and picked me up. We went and hung out at the mall for awhile and had lunch. Then we they were having a concert in the court yard thingy.The boy band After Romeo was performing and taking pictures with all the screaming tween and teen girls. I felt sooooo old. I actually had to go and ask one of the moms who the heck these kids were. I didn’t feel bad when she had to look at her daughter’s key chain to tell me the band’s name. We sat and listened and the kiddo danced her little heart out. We walked around for a bit then made our way to See’s candy. I was craving dark chocolate covered almonds. While standing in line for about 20 minutes I started to feel sick. I got my dark chocolate covered almonds and left. I got outside and almost fell into Damon’s arms. He wasn’t too thrilled about that because he had already said we should go home instead of walking around the mall. Oddly like a minute later I was fine. I’m starting to think my Closter phobia has gotten worse with pregnancy. We started to leave then SDS wanted candy and we went looking for a candy store and happened upon the Nestle Toll House cookie store. YES PLEASE!! Even though they aren’t gluten free so I had a strawberry banana smoothie.  It was really good but it kind of “separated”.  I hope to have way more weekends like this :)


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Inza 16 weeks day 4

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