Happy yet feeling guilty

Yesterday was my second actual prenatal appointment. I was so excited I could hardly sleep last night. Damon drove down the day before and we stayed at a beautiful hotel. We got up this morning had breakfast and took off to the doctor’s office. Now I have zero sense of direction and the Mr. refuses to use his GPS. Of course this means nothing good. My appointment was at 9am. We arrived at 9:25am after ending up two towns over. Thankfully I had all of my paper work prefilled out so that was good and killed about 20 minutes of wait time.  The nurse calls my name and Damon and I went walking back there. First thing out of Damon’s mouth was “I’m here against my will”. We get into the exam room and the nurse asks me how my pregnancy has been going. Damon not missing a beat says “WAIT!! You’re pregnant? I thought we were here for an ear infection?” The nurse says “you roofied him didn’t you?” I said yep and we all fell out laughing.
The nurse had to leave and tell other nurses and my midwife. My midwife walks in and asked me if I needed a refill on my roofies. I was like nah I'm already pregnant I'll call you again after March. She said "sounds good to me" and put her gloves on. lol. She went to check my cervix and says to her nurse "lube me up Scottie" which made DF about die since he's a HUGE  Star Trek fan. She tries to find the baby's heart beat with the doppler but couldn't so she took us into the ultrasound room. We see the baby and the heart beat. DF says "is that a penis?!?" My midwife replies with "no fool that's an arm. If that's a penis I'm calling Guinness".  We didn't get a print out since it was an "unofficial" ultrasound just to see the heart beat. I was thankful to see even if I didn't get a print out. At my 20 weeks u/s they said I'll get 3 or more pictures. So that made me smile. All in all everyone made me feel a heck of a lot better. 
I was informed I am to ALWAYS bring DF with me to all of my appointments and they will work around HIS schedule. I'm like what about my schedule?!? lol

I feel "guilty" about being so happy over our baby being ok when my mom , aunt and rest of my family are so sad and unhappy. I have a right to be happy but I almost feel bad.

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15 weeks Day 5

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