I’m VERY excited!

I am so excited about this baby. Sometimes it seems like I’m the only one. Ok maybe not 100% true. I have some GREAT friends who are very happy for me but my mother just isn’t one of them. She went with me to my ultrasound because I want her to be involved. The sono tech asked her if she was excited about a new grandbaby. She said no. I just laughed like she was joking. She wasn’t. As i laid there on the table looking at my beautiful baby my mom pretty much sat there and groaned about how long it was taking and how she couldn’t see anything yet and why did I go at 16 weeks when they can’t see much. She even went so far as to ask the tech “don’t they all look alike at this age? What’s the point?” I was still thrilled.
I was trying to get a surprise gender ultrasound for Damon but the baby just didn’t want to give up the goods. Our baby started off face down. Then started moving and didn’t stop. At one point  the baby looked AT the “camera” and  put his/her lil hand up in front of their face. I said yep getting ready for a paparazzi. Please no pictures no pictures. lol The tech giggled. I got to see the heart beat , the spine, the wittle face , hands, legs and brain. The poor tch couldn’t get very many “good” pictures because our little Lentil just wouldn’t stop moving. lol Oy

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16 weeks Day 6

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