I no feel well :(


I went to the mall today with the Mr. and the 3 year old to buy shoes. Well today it was 100 degrees and Victoria Gardens mall is an outdoor mall. We played in the water, went on the train, stopped at the candy store and went looking for shoes and pinup clothes. I was fine when we got to the pinup store but after about 10 minutes I got really hot and started to sweat and feel like I was about to pass out. I guess it was too darn hot. The manager of the store offered to call 911 because I looked that bad. He was kind enough to go and get me some paper towels. I sat for awhile and felt half way ok enough to walk to the car. We got to the parking lot and Damon and the munchkin went to go get the car. I was leaning against the wall then all of the sudden I got hot again and sat down IN THE PARKING LOT!! So there I sit with my dress on in the parking lot. Damon looked a bit scared when he drove up. The look on his face scared me so I got up on my own and got in the car. I slept most of the way home. I got home and got in the bed and slept for like 4 hours. I felt MUCH better after that. Last time this happened my mother took my blood sugar and blood pressure and BOTH were low. So I guess the next step is the gestational diabetes test. Icky pooh!! You have to drink that chalky crap. NOT looking forward to that but hey if it keeps baby and I healthy I’m all for it. *twitch*  Now I’m off to find apple juice. I’ve discovered I love apple juice! WHO KNEW?!!?



14 weeks day 2

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