I’m not part of the “family” anymore…

This kinda sucks because I can’t actually fully explain the situation for fear of losing my contract with this company. SO this might not make sense but I just need to vent.  I’ve worked with this wonderful company for the last 12 or so years. The people have always been amazing from the owner on down. We’ve always called ourselves “a family”. It’s always felt that way. We had a work event come up and everyone was invited to go but me. The funny thing is I wanted to go to the event to share my happy baby news with my work”family”. I know it may sound silly but they really have become a second family to me over the years. I was so excited about being able to share this happy moment with them. Turns out I’m just not part of the family anymore. For me that hurts. I feel sorta stupid because I still feel this company is the best in their business. I still think the people are amazing and great even if they don’t feel the same way about me.
I guess I came to my blog with this because Damon is kind of a hard ass. Something I love and hate about him. He thinks I should just move on and not care. Easy to say but I’m an emotional person. A lot of these people were there for me through some really dark times. I’ve met some of my best friends there. They’ve given me a lot so the idea of them not “wanting” me really does hurt. I mean I’ll get over it. I guess maybe I’m just a ball of hormones who was excited to share my happy news after 10 years of fertility failures.


14 weeks Day 7

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