Stocking up!

I have discovered my love of “managers special” meats. I never knew these things existed. Since Kennady has been practicing the technique of Baby Led Weaning I’ve been looking for ways to cut her food costs. A great majority of her food still ends up on the floor or in her high chair so why pay full price when a lot of it is going to go to waste? I saw the yellow labels on the meat and felt the need to investigate. I don’t eat much beef or pork so this was all kinda new to me. I however have started eating more of it since I had to cut out chicken and turkey due to Kennady’s allergies and still nursing.
I spoke to the butcher about the manager’s special meat and he said of course it is perfectly safe. I just have to use it or freeze it by the listed date. I said great and took 5 packages home. Kennady LOVES pork loin roast. I didn’t even  know what that was before she was born lol  I cook the roast in the crock pot with beef broth for around 6 hours on high to make sure it’s super tender since Kennady only has 8 teeth and is still working on eating. Call me paranoid that’s fine, I don’t mind. When there’s about an hour or so left I’ll put frozen veggies in the crock pot and let them cook with the roast. I normally only put enough veggies in for the current day’s meal. After everything cools I put it in portion control bags and pop them in the freezer for future meals. I portion out the hamburger as well and put it in baggies and freeze it. Using the portion control bags makes meal prepping super easy.
I use meal prep boxes. I pack a frozen protein , vegetable and a fruit in each box. I stick them in my chest freezer and just grab and go.

These manager’s special meats allow my daughter to have good proteins at good prices.


I'm soooooo PrePared!!

I finally did it! I pulled the trigger and got myself a Ju-Ju-Be BePrepared bag!! I’ve been wanting this bag for travel since I found out what JujuBe was. They are one of their highest priced bags so I was slow on buying one. I wanted to make sure it was something I was going to use for awhile. I found it listed as one of Amazon’s daily deal a couple weeks back so I had to jump on it. It was under $80  (regular price on Amazon $161.87). I figured it was a great deal so why not. I always said if I saw a new BP for under $80 I’d buy it no matter what pattern it was. Thankfully this is a pattern I absolutely love and they are phasing out just like my Lilac Lace .
So on to the actual bag. It’s HUGE!!! The dimensions of the bag are 15.6 x 13.3 x 3.1 inches. It has 7 pockets on the inside, a pocket on each side with a magnetic flap, snap pocket in the front and 5 pockets inside the front mommy pocket. Loads of room for everything you might need for your little one while you travel. For me it’s a bit too large for an everyday bag. I find it gets rather heavy. The bigger the bag the more stuff I like to put in to so yeah it gets heavy.
This is going to be my go to travel bag for my tiny human and all the things I have to take with us when we hit the road. As with all JuJuBe bags it is machine washable and comes with a matching changing pad.

All in all this is an amazingly durable bag with lots of room for all your baby/toddler/kid/mommy needs. 

The Airport

I went to the airport last night to pick someone up. WHEN did dressing like the homeless (no offense to the homeless) become so common when traveling? I remember when I first started flying back in the days of old that it was an “event”. Something to look forward to. You dressed for the airport. Now I’m not saying people need to be all Black Tie but pajamas should be saved for in your bedroom NOT the baggage claim at McCarran or any other airport.

Have some sort of pride and respect for yourself in public. I have always been taught to look presentable in public. Comb your hair , put clean clothes on , wash your a** and brush your teeth. Those things don’t seem that hard to me. I know I wont see 90% of these people again but I’d still rather not be the funky smelling woman in her pajamas in the airport.

I could never walk through the lobby of a hotel in my pajamas unless I got locked out of my room or something and had no other choice. I just wish people would take more pride in how they look in public.

Just wow. That’s all I’ve got….just WOW!


Choopie City Grips

I’m always looking for something to “pimp” my daughter’s strollers. I’m sort of stroller obsessed.  I was looking around for something to add some color to my Bugaboo Bee since it’s all black and something to match my new canopy on my Bugaboo Frog. I found Choopie on FaceBook and was quite intrigued. I saw all the adorable prints so I went to Amazon to see if they were available via Amazon Prime and THEY WERE!!! So I ordered a set of single bar long grips in the Chevron Pink pattern.  Size: 13.4 x 6.7 x 0.7 inches .

When I got them I was very impressed. The packaging was cute. I didn’t snap a picture of it because I was so excited about getting them and being able to use them. The material feels like a foam type that’s kind of “slick” but not slippery.  They attach via velcro. The velcro runs the full length of the grip for a very secure fit. You literally just wrap them around your handle bar and push the velcro together. Super simple. They not only add style to your stroller but they protect your handle bar from  every day wear and tear. 

IMG_5602                                                            Bugaboo Bee

IMG_5492                                                         Bugaboo Frog

They fit wonderfully on my Bugaboo Frog stroller. On My Bugaboo Bee I think I will order a short pair ( 5.2 x 2.2 x 0.3 inches ) as the long ones are a couple inches too long. I will continue to use them on the Bee until my shorts have arrived. Overall I am VERY impressed with City Grips.