The Airport

I went to the airport last night to pick someone up. WHEN did dressing like the homeless (no offense to the homeless) become so common when traveling? I remember when I first started flying back in the days of old that it was an “event”. Something to look forward to. You dressed for the airport. Now I’m not saying people need to be all Black Tie but pajamas should be saved for in your bedroom NOT the baggage claim at McCarran or any other airport.

Have some sort of pride and respect for yourself in public. I have always been taught to look presentable in public. Comb your hair , put clean clothes on , wash your a** and brush your teeth. Those things don’t seem that hard to me. I know I wont see 90% of these people again but I’d still rather not be the funky smelling woman in her pajamas in the airport.

I could never walk through the lobby of a hotel in my pajamas unless I got locked out of my room or something and had no other choice. I just wish people would take more pride in how they look in public.

Just wow. That’s all I’ve got….just WOW!


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