I'm soooooo PrePared!!

I finally did it! I pulled the trigger and got myself a Ju-Ju-Be BePrepared bag!! I’ve been wanting this bag for travel since I found out what JujuBe was. They are one of their highest priced bags so I was slow on buying one. I wanted to make sure it was something I was going to use for awhile. I found it listed as one of Amazon’s daily deal a couple weeks back so I had to jump on it. It was under $80  (regular price on Amazon $161.87). I figured it was a great deal so why not. I always said if I saw a new BP for under $80 I’d buy it no matter what pattern it was. Thankfully this is a pattern I absolutely love and they are phasing out just like my Lilac Lace .
So on to the actual bag. It’s HUGE!!! The dimensions of the bag are 15.6 x 13.3 x 3.1 inches. It has 7 pockets on the inside, a pocket on each side with a magnetic flap, snap pocket in the front and 5 pockets inside the front mommy pocket. Loads of room for everything you might need for your little one while you travel. For me it’s a bit too large for an everyday bag. I find it gets rather heavy. The bigger the bag the more stuff I like to put in to so yeah it gets heavy.
This is going to be my go to travel bag for my tiny human and all the things I have to take with us when we hit the road. As with all JuJuBe bags it is machine washable and comes with a matching changing pad.

All in all this is an amazingly durable bag with lots of room for all your baby/toddler/kid/mommy needs. 

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