The best parents are those….

It always seems to be the best parents are the ones who don’t actually have kids. I’ve always had a pretty open approach to parenting. I always tend to laugh at those who say “Oh I KNOW exactly how I am going to raise my kids.” Yeah ok just wait until the kid gets here. Children are not mini us. We’d like to think so but they are their own individual people. They have their own thoughts , minds, feelings and spirits. Each child is different. What works for one child may not work for another child even if they are raised in the same house and share DNA. Children are PEOPLE not science experiments. There is no universal way to raise ALL children. Not even ones from the same family. I wish people would go into parenting with a lil less “fantasy” and more of an understanding that this child or children are going to be their own people. I hope I'm around to sit and laugh at all the know it all parents when their kids prove to them that they don't know shit. lol


13 weeks day 1

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