Let the poop throwing begin!!

I know this crap only bothers be because I’m pregnant. I can fully admit that lol Yesterday started off just ugh!!!

The morning started off with me being pissed at one of my favorite cell phone case companies. I refuse to name them and give them anymore promo. I was a faithful customer and fan of their work but I’m over it now. They hosted a contest. You had to go to their site pick your favorite item post a link to it , share the post on your Facebook page and ask your friends to like your comment. I had 12 of my friends go to their page and like my comment. NO ONE ELSE had ANY friends like their comment. ONE other person “shared” the post and only ONE other person actually posted the damn link as stated in the rules. The ONLY likes the other contestants had were from the woman who is RUNNING THE DAMN CONTEST!! Of course one of the women who didn’t bother to follow ANY of the rules won. She didn’t share the post, didn’t have her friends like her post and didn’t post a damn link to her favorite product. Yet she won!! How fucking fair is that!??!?! This is how my day started.

I went to get my paper work from my doctor to get my blood drawn for the prenatal genetic testing panel. I called at 8a. and they said they’d have the paper work ready by 9:30am. I got to the office at 10am and NO PAPER WORK! So I had to sit and wait for them to finish it. I called ahead of time so I could avoid having to sit and wait.I get the paper work and walk out to the car. I realize they are trying to send me for 1st trimester screening when I’m in my second trimester. So I have to go BACK inside and have them fill out the correct paper work. Which means I had to wait yet AGAIN. I take the paper work to the lab one building over. Now this is the same location I went to last time and had a horrible experience. Walking in I was already nervous and uneasy. I went into the blood draw room. The lady comes in and I tell her people can’t get blood out of my left arm. I don’t think I have EVER had a blood draw done in that arm in 33 years. They use my right arm. I tried to explain this she said no. She didn’t feel comfortable trying to use my right arm. So she wanted to try the left. She comments about how small my veins are. DUH That’s what I was trying to explain. THEN she tells me they are out of butterfly needles. WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!!! what lab doesn’t stock butterfly needles?!!? So I finally said NO I won’t do this. I asked for my paper work back and left.

When I went to pick up my paper work they told me I have a bacterial infection that requires medication. ok fine. They sent the RX to Walgreens. Oh for the love of all that which is holy. I will try my BEST to NEVER use Walgreens again if at all possible. The Rx was sent to them at 10:45am. I arrived at Walgreens at noon. They told me that NO Rx had been sent in for me. I called my doctor back and they verified they had sent the Rx in via electronic transfer. I then went home and called Walgreens to check and see if the Rx had arrived yet. I was on hold for 45 minutes. A lady answered the phone and said nope no Rx for you. I take a nap.

I wake up and call another one of our lab locations to try to get this blood draw done. I find one close to my house. I call Walgreens yet again. This time I’m on hold for 20 minutes before I just hang up. I get to the lab. The nice tech listened to me and took blood from my right arm. She was quick and it was almost painless. I get in the car and call Walgreens yet again. I walk into Walgreens while still on hold on the phone. I stand in this VERY VERY long line again while still on hold. I start to get light headed and feel like I am going to pass out. I leave to go find food. I’m STILL on hold. I go BACK into the store and stand in line. I’m STILL on the phone on hold while in line yet again. I get to the front of the line and the lady tells me there is STILL no Rx for me. She starts a “profile” for me with the store and POOF my Rx pops up like magic. She then says “there’s a problem" I said what?!?!? She then informs me that the Rx wont be ready until 6:30pm. I have to come BACK to the store. This is the point where I want to hop up on top of the damn counter drop my pants and take a massive poop right on the counter then start throwing it at people. Tho I think that would be highly frowned upon. I actually called Damon and told him he was marrying a poo slinger lol I return to the store at 7pm. AGAIN I stand in a long ass line. I get to the front and the lady says ok let me get it. 15 minutes later she comes back with my pills. I take the bag and get the hell out of there. I came home and watched “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Blacklist”.

At the end of the day I got everything done I needed to get done. It wasn’t in a timely manner but it did get done. I love my little Lentil so I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure he/she and I stay healthy. I’m still pissed about the contest tho!!! lol

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11 weeks Day 4

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