As I mentioned before I had to go pick up an Rx. Well I have a bacterial infection. They put me on Metronidazole. This stuff has made me sick and sent me to the bathroom a zillion times. This is the first time during this pregnancy that I have really gotten sick and it sucked ass. I haven’t wanted to get out of bed or move. What makes it worse is it has killed my appetite. No appetite means I haven’t been eaten really even tho I try, Nothing tastes good or right. So I’ve been getting even more sick. Thankfully as the week went on things seemed to even out. The side effects are bad but well worth it. Bacterial infections can cause preterm labor and many other problems. So I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to make sure my little Lentil is healthy and happy. So back to bed I go lol NOT because I’m sick but because I’m a tired prego lady lol




18 weeks Day 2

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