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I have an Ob/Gyn , 3 midwives and a perinatal nurse. I love them all. I went and saw my nurse yesterday. She said my weight is perfect. I’ll spare you the actual number lol but I’ve only gained 5 pounds so that’s good. I’m trying to eat healthy and all that good stuff. Every time I see her I have to write down what I ate in the last 24 hours. I always think I’m eating poorly but they always seem to think it’s great. I guess there can be worse things than eating 4 oranges in one day lol.

I told her about my dizzy spells and how when I eat a Jolly Rancher or sucker I’m typically fine or at least ok enough to get home and get in the bed. She gave me an Accu Chek Nano meter to check my blood sugar. She told me to use it only when I am having one of my dizzy, hot and/or fainting spells. I am going to have to carry it in my purse. I’m going to need a bigger purse here soon. I’m thankful that all my blood work and everything has been good so far. YAY for healthy mommy and baby!

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20 weeks Day 6

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