I was kinda busy over the weekend so please excuse my lack of posting. Damon and I had a chance to go to MommyCon Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to win both of us tickets to the show. MommyCon is a kinda crunchy mom convention. Though I don’t 100% agree with everything I learned there it was VERY interesting and a lot of fun.

I’ve pulled Damon to the dark side. BABY WEARING!!!! At first he wasn’t too keen on the idea. He and his ex had talked about baby wearing with their daughter but opted against it. They didn’t do proper research on all the different kinds of carriers. We saw everything from wraps to carriers with back supports. Damon fell in love with the carriers from Lille Baby  (not pictured). They come with a back support plate. Makes carrying baby soooooo much easier and comfy. We met many baby wearers over the weekend. They actually had the World Record Baby Wearing Event.  It was awesome to see all the moms and dads wearing their babies and toddlers.

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We also got to play with my all time favorite stroller the Orbit. The Mr. liked it from the start but after MommyCon he REALLY likes it. We got to play with almost all of the attachments and got to ask their sales reps questions. I’m only 5’2” so this stroller really is perfect for me. The handles adjust up and down and ALL of the seats swivel on their bases. Both car seat base and stroller base. The cost is over $1,000 for the full set but in my opinion it’s well worth it. The car seat is a bit heavy but it is deep. The baby sits down lower in the car seat. The higher sides can help absorb impact in an accident. The one hand fold is also a huge draw. You can actually hold the car seat in one hand and fold the stroller with the other. The car seat carrier strap is a soft strap which I also love. You can hold it against your body unlike the hard plastic carrier handles. We WILL have this stroller system. I’m starting to think I’m stroller obsessed. I have picked out 6 different strollers we will be purchasing. I narrowed it down from 10 lol

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Damon is still anti cloth diapering. I tried I really tried. Then again I’m not 100% sure I have the cloth diaper gene in me either. With work and school I’m not sure I’d have tike time or energy it takes to cloth diaper. That’s also a lot to ask of a nanny. But we did see some totally cute cloth diaper designs. I wanted to get the skull ones for my friend Laura but turns out she already has them lol Of course!!!

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Overall we had a really good time. I still can’t picture myself breastfeeding my child at the age of 7 years old but hey to each their own, right?

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18 weeks Day 6

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