We’re having A………….

So I went to my doctor appointment on Thursday the 17th. First I saw my midwife. She’s this extra happy woman. Like ALWAYS happy. You can’t help but to smile and be happy when you’re around her. She used the doppler to listen to Lentil’s heart beat. Lentil didn’t want to be bothered. so she kinda had to move around a bit to find a good strong sound. The baby kept moving all over the place. After listening to Lentil’s strong heart beat we were sent back out to the waiting room. My next appointment was for my ultrasound. We sat and sat and sat. About 45 minutes into waiting I went to the front desk and asked had they forgotten about us and our ultrasound. She said oh goodness I don’t know why they haven’t called you yet. She handed me some paper work to fill out for the u/s tech and we waited some more. Finally they called us in. By this point I have to pee REALLY bad. I went to the restroom and went into the ultrasound room. I hopped up on the table and got ready to see our baby. She puts the gel on my tummy and starts to move the wand around. Now of course my sweet little bundle of joy couldn’t make it easy. To start Lentil was sitting upright looking around. The tech started to jiggle my uterus with the wand trying to get the baby to move. It wasn’t working. Finally the baby laid down. After about 30 minutes of trying to see the tech says “I don’t see a penis so I am going to say girl”. The only “problem” is her lil legs were crossed the whole time but like the tech I didn’t see a penis either lol. Just to show this is 75% my child and 25% Damon’s child. When she finally laid down she started sticking her tongue out and waving her arms. Then she turned toward the wand so we got a nice face picture of her. How do I get 75/25? Well I’m very bratty yet I like having my picture taken but ONLY when I am ready for it. If I’m not ready it’s not happening. Which means I could never be famous and followed by the paparazzi. Damon’s 25% comes in because the baby is already stubborn and only likes to be bothered when she feels like it. Same with her daddy. So I introduce to you….
Miss Kennady Caryl Mae! We think…… lol
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19 weeks day 7

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