Birthing center tour!



Yesterday was pretty exciting. My mom, best friend Amy and I toured the birthing center. WOW I was very impressed. SO impressed I forgot to take any damn pictures. I know I know bad mommy blogger lol. The nurse answered all 40 of my questions even before I asked them. It was pretty cool. I love their policies.


* Delayed Cord Clamping

* Multiple people can be in the room with you when you give birth.

* 48 hour stay

* Birthing Balls OK

* Food places around the hospital deliver

* Private Rooms

* Lactation consultants on call 24/7 even after you go home

* Baby is with you 24/7 after vaginal delivery

* Very big on skin to skin contact.

* Room service 6:00am to 7:30pm


* They don’t do cord blood donation

* No food service after 7:30pm


So I have way more pros than cons and the cons aren’t really “big” ones. So Yeah I’m totally over joyed with the place.

I haven’t been feeling the best. I think I have a cold so I think it might be time to crawl back into bed.


28 weeks day 7


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