Sick Prego!

I spent the week before Christmas with a slight cold. Not being able to take anything sucks ass to say the least. So I kinda had to deal with it. I was sent a to-go-pack of Puffs Plus Lotion free from Influenster. Blowing my nose a zillion times had pretty much rubbed it raw. So I figured why the heck not go ahead and use the free tissues. I shoved them in my purse and headed out to do my Christmas shopping.  I started to cough and sneeze so I pulled out a tissue. To my surprise they are soft and silky BUT they don’t have that lotion smell. My nose is really sensitive to smell right now so the lack of smell in the tissues was VERY important to me. They didn’t rub my nose raw which is great. They also didn’t irritate my already raw nose. That was a plus. So in this prego girl’s world Puffs Plus Lotion to-go packs are the best thing since sliced bread lol



29 weeks Day 7

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