Stool softener

I went to the doctor for my VB re-check. I figured I might as well mention my inability to “go”.  She gave me an RX for stool softeners. Great , right? Well I get a call from the pharmacy saying the medicine she prescribed no longer actually existed. I couldn’t help but laugh. My midwife is old school and I love her. I think she’s been a midwife since before I was born. I bet she’s forgotten more than a lot of young / new midwives know. The pharmacy had to fax my midwife and doctor to get the RX changed to something tat still is on the market. Two days later I got my pills and holy moley they worked!! YAY!!! Yep who knew one day I’d be cheering about poop? lol  I did all the “natural” stuff. Drank more water , ate more fruits and veggies you name it. The meds are the only thing that has seemed to work.

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Inza 21 weeks Day 6

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