$5 Bag Sale

WOW what a busy week. It was so busy I actually missed/forgot about my doctor’s appointment. Pregnancy brain really DOES exist. Normally the Dr’s office calls with a reminder but they didn’t this time. I had written it down and told Damon but we just forgot. I had to re-schedule my appointment. I pride myself on always remembering important things like that but I just plain forgot :(

On an up side I went to a $5 bag sale at one of the local kids consignment shops. Everything in the sale section that you can shove in your bag for $5!!! YES PLEASE!!!  I actually got my mom to go with me. There was a limit one bag per customer so Kennady got two bags thanks to mom and grandma!! I went into the store the day before and saw the cutest purple glitter shoes. YES I know they will be too big for Kennady when she’s born but she will grow. Her feet wont be newborn size forever. I went to the store to see where it was and to kind of get a feel of the layout. I used to do that before Black Friday shopping lol People lined up at the baby store at like 6am and the store didn’t open til 9:45am. As we’re standing in line it starts to RAIN!!! I told my mom to go sit in the car since she has a bad knee and the cold makes it worse. After standing in line for over an hour it was finally our turn to go through the bins. We got a lot of good stuff. My mom got more than I did. We got onesies, dresses, blankets, shoes, socks and even a head support for the car seat! Our car seat comes with one but hey having an extra is always a good thing, right? So yeah it was a cold fun time had by all. I hope they do it again soon. I’ll sooooo be there!!!


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24 weeks Day 1

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