I just don’t understand


After having a pretty bad doctor’s visit I sat back and thought about all the things I would and am doing to try to give our baby ever possible chance at being healthy. Then you have women who do nothing for the health of their baby. I know a young woman who wont even get off her ass to make some extra money to get a copy of her birth certificate so she can get Medicaid so she can go to the doctor and get prenatal care.  She’s waiting for others to do stuff for her. What kind of mother is that? I would do anything humanly possible for my child(ren) inside or outside of my uterus. She honestly thinks that parenting starts AFTER the baby is born.. Being a good parent starts LONG before that child is born.

Even with as painful as my doctor’s appointment was I was glad to be able to go to the doctor and make sure our baby and myself were healthy. Our baby’s health is the most important thing to me. If a copy of my birth certificate was the only thing standing between me and going to the doctor to make sure my baby is healthy I’d collect cans, borrow money, ask friends or hell panhandle to get that piece of paper.

I sit and look down at my belly and pray multiple times a day that our baby is healthy and that I will be able to carry to term. I will keep doing that and not worry about those who don’t. The “sad” thing is this person will end up having a healthy baby and thousands of women who did everything right and tried their hardest won’t. Granted a healthy baby is NEVER a sad thing but you know what I mean, right?



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