With friends like mine who needs enemies?

So I tell my oh so wonderful boy bestie about the tiny human growing in my uterus and he says "I wouldn't tell anyone for awhile because something could happen." DUH dunbass !!! For all of you out there that have pregnant friends THIS is in no way shape or form the appropriate thing to say at ANY point. Use your head you know that thing three feet above your ass. Most if not all pregnant women who want their babies are afraid something is going to happen. WHY do people feel the need to tell us that something may happen? We know that!! You don't have to remind us. How about being a supportive friend and saying oh geez I don't know CONGRATULATIONS?!?! It's really not that hard to do. Keep your negativity out of my uterus. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I may not talk to this person again til after this kid gets out of college and makes me a grandma. Pfft!   Inza 5 weeks 3 days qgvtAoqLc7nupZwLlz0iaUtv274w0b4w_lg

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