I love this time of day

It’s 4:30am (at least it was when I started this entry lol) and everyone is asleep. It’s just me, Law and Order SVU and four loads of laundry. I love the little bit of quiet time I get at this hour. These last nine weeks have flown by. I can’t believe it. I find myself staring at Kennady in awe. She’s awesome! Such a good baby. Now that I’ve typed that she’ll turn into Rosemary’s Baby or something.

I also find myself thinking about all the things I want Kennady to have and how I can/will go about getting them. My family and best friend have been amazing. They have helped me at every turn. I am a very blessed woman. Kennady is loved by so many people. Many of which have never met her.

*I didn’t actually finish this post til 12:57pm. The princess woke up lol*

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