I’m so in love!

She’s just my everything!!! I have been so busy breastfeeding , staring at her, kissing her adorable toes , changing diapers, smiling, laughing, cuddling and kissing her chubby cheeks that I have forgotten to blog. I’m soooooooooooo sorry. Kennady is just the most amazing tiny human ever.
Now I ask you when did hospital pictures get so darn “fancy”? I’m not complaining but wow they are GREAT now!! Our hospital uses Bella Baby Photography. They came right to the NICU the day Kennady was being discharged. The photographer setup her props and stuff in the middle of our pod (there are 4 babies per NICU pod). I went home and got a couple different outfits for her to wear. What happened next was not only a lot of fun but made my heart feel good. Having a baby in the NICU isn’t easy. It’s scary, tiring , draining and emotional so when I saw a few of the NICU nurses come over and start helping with Kennady’s photo shoot I was like WOW these women really do care about these tiny little sick babies. It became a big “party”. Nurses came and watched the shoot as did one of the mommies from our pod. We laughed , talked, moved props and soothed Kennady when need be. It was a lot of fun. Our photographer was amazing. She pretty much started shooting when she walked in the door. She got some great candid shots with my mom , Kennady and I. I love those the most. We even got to use the wreath that Amy made for my baby shower as a prop.  All in all I’m overly happy with how everything turned out with the photo shoot. I just love her!!!
IMG_7598 IMG_7611-2 IMG_7612-2 IMG_7620 IMG_7655 IMG_7656 IMG_7666 photo (2) photo (3) photo
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