European Olive Oil REVIEW

I've always loved to cook and have parties. I'm also a real foodie. So this olive oil dipping set was right up my alley.  I invited a few ladies over to sample with me. I did a couple of different things. I added some red chili flakes to one sample of the olive oil.   For those who like things a bit on the more spicy side. I allowed the oil to sit for an hour or so to allow the flavors to infuse into the oil.

The second sample was infused with garlic. I also allowed it to sit for an hour or so.

The third sample was just plain nothing added to it. 

 I used a nice french style gluten free bread for the dipping.  I have to eat gluten free so this was a way to not only introduce my friends to some tasty European Olive Oil  but also introduce them to gluten free eating. 

Each person sampled each one of the three olive oil offerings. 

Overall we came to the conclusion that European Olive Oil has a better "body" and richer taste than the cheaper "American" olive oils. It's very smooth and takes on the flavor of the added ingredients very well. 

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