Your past.....

Lately I have been seeing news reports and people talking on social media about people's pasts. Like if someone is shot by police they always bring up the person's past. I'm not talking about any ONE person or any ONE race. I just notice many of the news reports and social media posts never seem to mention how long ago the person did xyz. So I ask are we nothing more than our past? Are we nothing more than mistakes we may have made in our younger years? At what point do you stop being your past? I fully understand that our pasts help make us the people we are today BUT what if those past experiences helped people turn into awesome people , the people they were meant to be and they would never EVER again make the mistakes of their past? Should we still judge them for who they USED to be? Should we still judge them for WHAT they over came and not applaud them for over coming and becoming better people in general? If you made a mistake 30 years ago should that be what you're forever known for? In some cases  yes but that's not really the norm. Should the 19 year old busted with weed STILL be know as a drug dealer or user at 40 if he hasn't touched a drug since he was busted at 19? WHY should he still be viewed as a druggie? You better believe if he's shot by a cop that will be the first thing hat's said about him.

So many people work so hard to over come their pasts just to have people throw it back in their faces when something happens. It blows my mind how we as a society WANT (or claim to) people to change and over come things but will still throw said things back into their faces. It's sad.

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