My JuJuBe Haul


I totally forgot to tell everyone about the awesome sale I went to…sorta. The company JuJuBe  had a really cool warehouse sale. The company was moving so they had to get rid of a lot of inventory quickly.  I’m still new to the JuJuBe world but I’m a sucker for a deal on good products. My friend Laura is a total JuJuBe girl so I figured since she’s been so nice to Kennady and I that I’d go and pick her up a nice BRB bag. So here’s where my plan went haywire. The JuJuBe sale was on a Friday I read it wrong and showed up at the warehouse on SATURDAY!!! Yes, I showed up on the wrong day!!! Thankfully when I got there there was a man there still dealing with the left over inventory and he let me in to shop!! Oh did I mention that we drove 60 miles to get there?!?! Yeah mommy brain in full effect.  Sadly they didn’t have anymore BRB bags for Laura but I did get her and her mom two sets so at least I was able to get her something nice.  Lets run down my haul shall we?!

3 JuJuBe Sets

1 Memory Foam changing pad

1 JuJuBe Be Hip Bag (the brown and pink)

1 JuJuBe Be Thrifty Wallet (for my mom)

1 JuJuBe Mighty Be (black with pink)

The even cooler thing was the man who was still at the warehouse gave me an even better deal than what was listen on the price list. I got 7 items for $70 !!!

I didn’t get the bag that I was after but I  got (to me) even cooler stuff. The quality of these bags and pad are amazing AND total mommy perk everything can be tossed in the washing machine!! YES!!!! As a mom to an almost 8 month old I think everything should be machine washable. I think I am now a JuJuBe addict. I want all the cool prints now. The quality is worth the extra money.



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