WAHM ~ Online Juror

Have you ever wanted to be a juror , get paid for it AND do it from the comfort of your own home? Here is your chance. www.onlineverdict.com is always looking for online jurors to try their cases in front of before they go before a "real" jury in a court of law. Think of it as a mock trial of sorts.
Here's how it works:
  1. Attorneys submit their case information and questions for the jury on the OnlineVerdict.com website.
  2. As an eligible online juror you may be asked to review cases that are filed in your county or federal district. You will receive an email invitation from OnlineVerdict.com to review the case at your convenience, but once enough responses are received, the case will close and no additional participants are needed.
  3. Your email invitation will provide a link to the OnlineVerdict.com website. After you log in you will be directed to the case and asked to agree to the confidentiality policy, review the case materials and answer all questions about that case.
    There are no right or wrong answers. We are only looking for your honest reaction to the information that was presented to you. Your time commitment for each case will vary from 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the details of the case, but you always have the option to choose which cases you want to review. The estimated time commitment for each case will be included in your email invitation.
  4. After you complete a case you will be paid for your time. Payment amounts vary depending on the complexity and length of the case you review, but payments start at $20 per case and can go up to $60 per case. Checks are mailed once a month to the address you have on file in your OnlineVerdict.com account. The number of cases you may be asked to review will also vary depending on the number of attorneys in your area who are using this service.

To answer the age old question YES this is legit. If you follow the rules and do everything you're supposed to do YES you will get paid.
Happy Juroring (is that even a word? lol)

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