Pissed as hell


It’s almost 3am and here I sit. I have been ordered by the court to take my beautiful baby girl to the lab today and have her tiny little mouth swabbed for a DNA test. I didn’t think it would piss me off. After all I have nothing to hide and I agreed to it.  The only reason I agreed to it was because I saw and heard the horrible things the donor would say about his daughter’s mother. Things about how he didn’t even know if the kid is his and that she was some sort of “slut”. Mind you these things were said in FRONT of his daughter. His claim now is that he had the daughter DNA tested without the consent or knowledge of the mother. THAT IS NOT OK WITH ME!!! What kind of piece of shit does that??!?! Oh wait the kind I reproduced with.

I’m pissed because I’m NOT the kind of person who doesn’t know who her child’s father is. I’m pissed because I was never a cheater. I’m pissed because I feel like some sort of common street trash who sleeps with everyone so they have to test her kid. This is so not me. I’m one of those dorky women who when she loves you that’s it. It’s you and only you. I WISH someone else was Kennady’s father, sadly my wish will never come true. Unless of course I meet a nice man who loves Kennady and I and wants to  marry me and adopt her. I’m too paranoid to even date anyone. My fear is someone will hurt my tiny princess. But I can dream, right?




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