I did it.....

It's that time of year again...consignment sale time! Now anyone who follows me here or on social media knows I love a good consignment sale. Some of you might remember that I was on the fence about selling Kennady's first stroller......  To Consign or not to consign ...... Well I finally did it  AND I put her very first Coach diaper bag up for sale. I looked at my sold items report from the consignment sale and they BOTH sold. It's bittersweet. I knew it was time and someone else could benefit from them but still, it's hard. Kennady was and still is my tiny miracle and these were some of the first things I ever got for her.

I remember pushing her up and down the side walk of the rehab hospital my cousin was in after her stroke. Walking around the mall and everywhere else. I remember the day my ex called and asked "did you ever get a stroller?" KC was 3 or 4 months old at the time. This fool actually thought that my family, friends or I would let KC go without. LMAO Are you kidding me?!?!?! Not sure why that annoyed me but it did.We traveled back and forth from California to Las Vegas with this stroller dozens of times. It served us well.

Now my Coach diaper bag. Oh I was obsessed over it. I looked at it for weeks. I actually went into the store three different times just to look at it. When I found out Kennady was a girl I just HAD to pull the trigger and buy it. It was more than I  wanted to spend but at the time (and now) it was totally worth it.

So two of KC's first baby items have been sold. It was time. She's growing up and so am I.

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